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The Story of the Tower of BabelThe Story of the Tower of Babel
24 Apr.
The story of the Tower of Babel is told in the 1st book of the Bible - the Book of Genesis. It explains the origins of the different languages and people in the world. According to it, after the Great Flood decimated...
premature babiespremature babies
24 June
dreamt 3 live premature babies...
Architects to Build a Tower Reaching the Stratosphere for AstronautsArchitects to Build a Tower Reaching the Stratosphere for Astronauts
21 Aug.
company Thoth Technology for building a 12.5 mile (20 km) high tower is realized. The British newspaper the Independent writes that the entrepreneurial Canadians have managed to patent the project for this gigantic...
Menacing Tower of Skulls Stupefies MexicoMenacing Tower of Skulls Stupefies Mexico
14 July
Mexican archaeologists are in absolute bewilderment. A tower of human skulls may completely turn local history on its head. The story of the tower of skulls as related by the Spanish conquistadors has been a spine...
Spirit of Queen Anne in the London Tower CastleSpirit of Queen Anne in the London Tower Castle
13 Jan.
Along the banks of the Thames River is the London Tower castle towers. It was built by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century as a defensive fortress. To XVII century it held the official residence of...
Superstitions about babies, animals and loveSuperstitions about babies, animals and love
10 Jan.
There are many folk beliefs and superstitions related to babies, love, money and animals. For example, some believe that babies should not be kissed on the cheeks before them budding teeth, because it will slow the...
Woman Makes Doll Copies of Dead BabiesWoman Makes Doll Copies of Dead Babies
16 Sept.
profitable business. Teresa Russon creates exceptionally realistic dolls, which are sort of like living babies for the families who have lost their child, report British media. When the 51-year-old Englishwoman 1st...
Meaning of Dreams with BabiesMeaning of Dreams with Babies
29 June
Seeing a baby in a dream essentially speaks of innocence and a new beginning. But to be interpreted correctly, the situation in which you dream of the baby is also of significance. Babies can also symbolize your...
Tyrannosaurus Rex Fed On BabiesTyrannosaurus Rex Fed On Babies
04 Nov.
feed on defenseless babies, rather than provoking their parents. Until now it was thought likely that indeed, the dinosaur would instigate battles with animals of its own size, or even larger. According to...
Ufologists: An Extraterrestrial Base is Flying Toward EarthUfologists: An Extraterrestrial Base is Flying Toward Earth
19 July
A team of ufologists claims that an extraterrestrial base is flying toward our planet. The ufologists showed photos of an approaching asteroid, on which the shadow of a black pyramid is visible. According to the...
Baba Vanga's Tips for a Long LifeBaba Vanga's Tips for a Long Life
08 Dec.
Baba Vanga, the Bulgarian prophetess and healer, adhered to a very specific way of life. It brought her longevity and wisdom. With every person that put their trust in her, she shared the secret of how to overcome...
Japanese Test Reveals Our Attitude Toward LoveJapanese Test Reveals Our Attitude Toward Love
30 Oct.
An accurate Japanese test, having reached its conclusions after a massive study, can determine our attitude toward love just by using a single fingerprint. In the study, a group of Japanese scientists analyzed the...
US is Building a Ghost Town for ExperimentsUS is Building a Ghost Town for Experiments
10 June
A completely new town is expected to spring up in the desert areas of the US state of New Mexico by the end of 2020. But this settlement will be completely different from anything seen so far because it will be the...
Qur'an push on the body of a babyQur'an push on the body of a baby
03 Nov.
their baby boy was born nine months ago. A few days after birth, his body began to show inscriptions in Arabic, " said the source. During the birth of their child he had hematoma on the chin. And when he resolved, it...
I heard the laughter of a dead babyI heard the laughter of a dead baby
28 Oct.
where I was constantly hearing baby laughter. I'm alone in my house, everything is turned off (TV, phone, etc. ), the neighbors don't have any baby, a very little one, it wasn't even 2 months old, it was laughing and...

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