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Mermaids - Myth or Reality?Mermaids - Myth or Reality?
22 Oct.
Do mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies and elves really exist? Many claim that these are products of the imagination, but some stories refute the existence of "mythical" mermaids. Decide for yourself... In...
Mermaids - myth or reality?Mermaids - myth or reality?
08 Dec.
Are there mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies and elves? Many argue that this contraption is nonsense, but some stories have rebutted the existence of mythical creatures. In the year of 1830 the locals of the Isle...
The Mythical Monster LeviathanThe Mythical Monster Leviathan
25 July
in the existence of mythical creatures are of the mind that they were most likely talking about an unknown species of shark or whale. However, their opponents don't tend to accept their reasoning, since people who...
Mythical Beasts - Do they Really Exist?Mythical Beasts - Do they Really Exist?
16 Feb.
though mermaids in general are not included on any list of monsters, the Fiji mermaid is an exception. The showman P. T. Barnum revealed the infamous Fiji mermaid in 1840 - but this was no beautiful, half naked woman...
This Mythical City was Once Inhabited by the Most Astounding CreaturesThis Mythical City was Once Inhabited by the Most Astounding Creatures
22 June
Mongolian legends tell of how the Gobi desert was a vast sea centuries ago, with the very progeny of the gods inhabiting its shores. The mythical city was a gathering point for wise men, brave warriors and skilled...
It is a little crazy at the little Israeli town of MermaidsIt is a little crazy at the little Israeli town of Mermaids
12 Sept.
Residents of the small Israeli town Kiriana argue that at the end of the beach live mermaids. "We are all shocked by the emergence of these mermaid coming out to the uninhabited areas of shore. When they are noticed...
The Mythic Legend Surrounding the DreamcatcherThe Mythic Legend Surrounding the Dreamcatcher
12 Dec.
A dreamcatcher is a talisman that comes from Native American mythology. The Native Americans believed that dreams reflected a person's confidence, maturity, goodness and loyalty. Even though no small number of...
The Pirate's LifeThe Pirate's Life
12 Nov.
the legend of the Conflicting Prince. In fact a lot of people don't even know mermaids very well, they are not what they seem, although their kisses are the foundation of French kisses. The French stole them from them...
In Search of the Legendary Shambhala - Home of the 5th Human RaceIn Search of the Legendary Shambhala - Home of the 5th Human Race
31 Jan.
is shaped in a spherical, 8-petal lotus flower that symbolizes the heart chakra. In the past several yeas, many beliefs thought to be magical and mythical in the past have been confirmed by science. An excellent...
Symbolism of the UnicornSymbolism of the Unicorn
09 Apr.
The mythical unicorn creature is found in the traditions of many peoples. There are numerous depictions of it in various parts of the world. April 9 marks Unicorn Day, so let's further discuss this beloved creature from...
Mythology: gorgons forever on 21Mythology: gorgons forever on 21
15 Feb.
food, water and sleep up to 7 days. They were capable of surviving to temperatures up to minus 30 degrees without clothes. With protection from spells they could literally withstand any conditions. Medusa\'s death lost hey life by the sword of the mythical hero Perseus. While sleeping, he managed to cut off her head....
Fascinating Myths about LeprechaunsFascinating Myths about Leprechauns
17 Mar.
reproduce because they are the crippled heirs of other mythical beings. Another theory is that they are the children of fairies and humans. The word leprechaun is believed to originate from the Irish term Lú Chorpain...
Unicorns did Exist! They Lived on Earth Alongside usUnicorns did Exist! They Lived on Earth Alongside us
12 May
Analysis of the fossils of Elasmotherium sibiricum proves that unicorns were not mythical creatures but really did exist 29 000 years ago. However, they did not look as cute as depicted in children's stories...
The Epic of Gilgamesh Expanded with Newly Discovered TextThe Epic of Gilgamesh Expanded with Newly Discovered Text
17 Mar.
. They contain 20 new lines of the Epic of Gilgamesh poem, telling of gods, men and mythical beasts, reports the media site Open Culture. Most of the poem's fragments date back to the 18th century BC but it's believed...
Sardinia May be a Part of Lost AtlantisSardinia May be a Part of Lost Atlantis
20 Aug.
The island of Sardinia is the only surviving part of mythical Atlantis which sunk beneath the waves thousands of years ago according to legends, claims the hypothesis of writer and journalist Sergio Frau...

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