Which Mythological Creature are you, Based on Zodiac Sign?
Кое митично същество си според зодията
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Which Mythological Creature are you, Based on Zodiac Sign?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The characteristics of each of the zodiac signs can perfectly match some of the descriptions of the mythological creatures from Antiquity. You can find out which ancient creature best fits your temperament based on your zodiac sign.

Stories of beasts and beings, gifted with amazing powers have always been proliferated, and the characteristics that predominate in their described actions are also seen in the zodiac signs.

Recall the way certain popular creatures from Antiquity manuscripts have been depicted and see whether their description really does match.

Aries - Dragon

Dragons are truly impressive in their appearance and immediately attract attention but if they're angered, you won't find yourself happy at all that you've attracted their gaze. According to Chinese mythology, they're wise creatures but you have to earn their advice and protection.

Taurus - Nymph


Nymphs are gentle creatures who inspire people and spread beauty all around them. But like true children of nature, they see the most beauty and art in the world around them - forests, streams, fields. Nymphs embody earthly power and are always young and marvelous, as long as nature around them is in flourish.

Gemini - Pixie

These ancient beings from Scandinavian mythology are represented as eternally young things, dressed in green clothing. They're always at the ready to help humans but if irritated can cause lots of trouble. Pixies love gifts and traditionally, in many Scandinavian countries, people leave freshly baked bread or milk at their doorstep.

Cancer - Mermaid


Mermaids have been seducing people since ancient times not just with their outer attractiveness but with their entrancing voices as well. Typically, they lure in sailors with their songs. Mermaids can do good deeds but can also be exceptionally vengeful if anyone hurts them.

Leo - Gryphon

The gryphon is the legendary creature with the head and wings of an eagle and body of a lion. It combines the images of the king of the birds and the king of the jungle, which is why it was used as part of the crest of many countries during the Middle Ages. The gryphon protects against evil and magic but demands complete obedience from people. They can be cruel and fierce to any who oppose them.


Virgo - Elf

Elves impress with their stunning beauty but no small number of cultures have been afraid of them since ancient times, even attempting to trick them or catch them with nets. But elves are remarkably intelligent and never allow themselves to be outwitted. In the stories, they were not reluctant to steal food from people, and sometimes even children.

Libra - Unicorn

Unicorns are among the most beautiful mythological creatures. They are graceful, strong and walk cautiously, so as to not kill the insects beneath their feet. Their horn is their most phenomenal trait, which is why they were hunted, according to ancient myths. These same claim that a unicorn's horn possessed magical properties and could cure any disease.

Scorpio - Phoenix

The phoenix is the creature that burns up in the intensity of its own flames and is then reborn from the ashes. This bird endures a never-ending process of transformation, while becoming ever stronger and more powerful each times it burns up.

Sagittarius - Pegasus

The winged Pegasus is one of the immortal creatures from Ancient Greece. Only Bellerophon, with the goddess Athena's help, was able to tame the rowdy animal, which loves its freedom. It never allowed anyone to tell it which way to fly.

Capricorn - Dryads

The dryads are the forest nymphs, the most renowned among them being Eurydice - Orpheus's beloved, for whom he journeyed into the Underworld. The dryads are the guardians of the forest and live as long as it continues to exist. If humans threaten to cut it down, the dryads unite and transform it into the creepiest place one Earth.

Aquarius - Sphinx

A sphinx is a half-lion, half-human with eagle wings. In Ancient Greece, it was described as the guardian of the city of Thebes. It would ask a riddle to anyone trying to enter and if that person was unable to answer, the sphinx would throw them into the abyss. In Ancient Egypt, the sphinx was a symbol of justice and wisdom.


Pisces - Angel

Angels symbolize innocence, described as supernatural beings that carry out God's will among humans. They were the messengers of the supreme will, notifying humans about what ill or fortunate events they need to prepare for.