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In Search of the Legendary Shambhala - Home of the 5th Human Race


Eastern culture legends tell of the mysterious land known as Shambhala. In the past it was believed that this earthly heaven was located somewhere in the Himalayas. According to Chinese, Tibetan and Russian myths, the mountains are home to super humans with nearly godlike abilities.

In early Buddhist texts, Shambhala is described as the source of esoteric wisdom. In maps, where the ancients depicted the strange land, it is shaped in a spherical, 8-petal lotus flower that symbolizes the heart chakra.

In the past several yeas, many beliefs thought to be magical and mythical in the past have been confirmed by science. An excellent example of this is the conundrum of consciousness, which is directly linked to quantum physics and goes hand in hand with other aspects of existence. Perhaps this is the reason why some of Nicola Tesla's ideas were influenced by ancient eastern philosophy.

As such, we shouldn't rush to so quickly reject the knowledge that's remained hidden within the scope of the ancient texts, especially when the ties between ancient wisdom and modern knowledge are proven to be strong, ever more frequently.

From this standpoint, the information in ancient texts about the existence of another world within our own does not seem so absurd. The hidden Shambhala could be located on Earth but in a place we don't understand.

According to the Dalai Lama, Shambhala can be reached via a pure karmic link to the earth. It is not in our physical range of vision but in the realm of the mental and spiritual, and it is these that can provide the way to this mythical land.


But according to modern theosophical conception, Shambhala is a physical place, found on Earth. It is home to the largest brotherhood of spiritual adepts. They sit isolated from the world but always intervene in critical moments that threaten all of humanity. The inhabitants of Shambhala are no ordinary people. They are representatives of the 5th race, which are sometimes referred to as "children of the soul".

Another theory as to the whereabouts of the mythical land, which has grown in popularity, is the one by Edwin Bernbaum - doctor, author, mountaineer and professor of comparative religion at the University of Oxford. He posits that Shambhala is indeed a physical place that exists in the realm of man but it is also a spiritual, and even supernatural, place. The gateway to it is located in another dimension and only those who are spiritually pure can cross its threshold.

After his long journeys throughout the desolate regions of China, Tibet and Mongolia, the famous Russian researcher Nicholas Roerich wrote in his memoirs that Shambhala was, according to the lamas, a real physical place, located beneath the Earth's surface.

After his long stay in a Buddhist temple, the monks let him in on their secret knowledge. They told him that Shambhala is located far to the north, where the Earth's surface bathes in the Northern Lights. From this information, Roerich deduced that Shambhala is located beneath the ice of the Arctic but that there are entrances to it in the Himalayas and Altai.