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Malaysian Man Managed to Kill a Real-Life Dragon

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A farmer from West Malaysia killed a real dragon, when he saw the mythical creature eating the rabbits in his yard. The man told that only after he had already shot the creature did he find out that it was a dragon.

The unusual being appeared at a farm in Malaysia a few nights ago, with the owner explaining that he woke when he heard the yelps of his rabbits in his yard.

When he approached their cages, the man saw the unfamiliar animal with its 2 horns and long whiskers, which made sounds similar to those of a tiger.

The man began shooting at the strange beast and once he was convinced that it was dead, he gathered the courage to take a closer look. Once the Malaysian man discovered that he had killed a dragon, he immediately regretted his actions.

According to Malaysian myths, creatures such as dragons mustn't be killed because it is believed that they bring happiness, luck and prosperity.

"I had no idea that the animal was a dragon. I was shocked, otherwise I never would have shot, " shares the repentant man with reporters.

White dragon

According to the nation's press, if the origins of the dragon can be proven, the horns alone will be sold for millions of dollars.

However, the farmer himself announced that he has no intention of selling the mythical being in parts, wanting its body to be displayed in the local museum.

Yet this is not the first find to show evidence of the existence of the legendary dragons.

Last year, a Chinese fisherman found a skeleton which bore a great resemblance to the mythical creature. The dragon's skeleton was discovered in the Chinese province Shandong, with numerous archaeologists stating that they had never come upon anything like it.

The unusual skeleton was photographed and the pictures were distributed out in almost all news media.

Based on Japanese news data, the find led to a strong public interest, and its remains are still being analyzed by experts in the search for astonishing facts about the creature.

The dragon is one of the main creatures in eastern mythology. It is believed that the being is of divine origin and creates the clouds with its breath.