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Mythology: gorgons forever on 21

Mythology: gorgons forever on 21

Gorgons are one of the most hideous and bloodthirsty creatures in Greek mythology.

Euryale, Gorgon and Medusa were possessed bodies, instead of having hair on their heads had nests with snakes.

Some sources have other descriptions of the Gorgon, such as the gorgon had a head of dogs or lions and there are those that describe the Gorgon as being possessed by wild boar pigs. The Gorgon had wings on it's back and usually the snakes were green, red, orange, brown or yellow in color.

The gaze of the Gorgon resulted in murder. Anyone who dared to look at him, provoked fossilization right in that very same moment.

Euryale and the Gorgon were immortal. Only the most terrible of the three, Medusa, had no chance to live forever. The Gorgon ceased to change on the 21st year.

Horrible monsters hated bright sun and preferred lower temperatures. Each of the three had different abilities. They could place their wings in the body, pass through objects and have the ability to acquire the skills of other creatures whilst holding them in hand. They managed to withstand without food, water and sleep up to 7 days. They were capable of surviving to temperatures up to minus 30 degrees without clothes. With protection from spells they could literally withstand any conditions.

Medusa's death lost hey life by the sword of the mythical hero Perseus. While sleeping, he managed to cut off her head.