We`re Turning into Fish! Instead of Mars, We`re Going to Colonize the Ocean Bottom
Превръщаме се в риби! Вместо Марс ще заселим дъното на океана
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We`re Turning into Fish! Instead of Mars, We`re Going to Colonize the Ocean Bottom

Underwater Tennis

The idea of life underwater may conjure up images of mermaids, underwater palaces and sea monsters in most people's minds but one expert predicts that in the future these may become a reality for new generations.

Simon Evetts, space operations expert, believes that scientists can direct evolution to grant humans the ability to live and breathe underwater. In his presentation to the International UFO Congress, held annually in Las Vegas, the scientist expressed the notion that man's current knowledge of genetics can provide the necessary modifications that would allow humanity to colonize the oceans. According to him, this is a much more suitable and reasonable choice, regarding the search for new territories for humans to colonize, in comparison to deep space.

Underwater City

Evetts is director of astronaut training operations at Blue Abyss, the world's largest facility for space and deep-sea exploration. His current research is aimed at figuring out how astronauts can be made to adapt to spaceflight. Alongside this, however, he believes that his research needs to be optimized to search for faster and more effective ways of colonizing the free regions of Earth.

"The world's oceans are still a mystery to us. They have not been well studied and we've practically only explored 20% of them. Before we colonize Mars and the Moon, we must learn to utilize the Earth's full capacity, " states Evetts.

He affirms that our technology would not yet be able to allow us to colonize Mars. Currently, an independent human population, capable of feeding and taking care of itself, cannot exist on the Red Planet. Further, in his view, it won't be able to happen in the next 100 years either. Overpopulation on Earth is already a fact, while natural disasters could make vast areas of dry land uninhabitable.

As such, Evetts proposes that we build underwater cities that would house any people left homeless. But for these homes to be effective and safe, their future inhabitants would have to be genetically modified in a way that would allow them to breathe or at least survive for hours under water.

Evetts explains that this will happen once scientists discern how dolphins and seals are able to hold their breath for so long and once they're able to grant this ability to humans as well. His theory is that this will happen via genetic modification of the human body. Humans would need larger chest cavities, more powerful lungs and even internal gills.