Sumatran Amber - the Largest in the World

Sumatran Amber - the Largest in the World

Amber has always been among the spectacular natural formations that humans have admired. Its warm colors spark admiration, while the things it has trapped and brought to us to the present from the distant past spur curiosity.



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Amber - Gemstone Types and their Meaning

Gemstone Types and their Meaning


Gemstones are the eternal flowers of our planet. They encompass beauty, durability, rarity, uniqueness and special meaning. In this article, we will debunk the myths about the types of gemstones and find out more about their meaning.

Amber - Amulets for Business and Family

Amulets for Business and Family


There are gems that help businesses and protect from spells. Talismans to protect business people are made primarily of precious stones.

Amber - Amber Talismans

Amber Talismans


Amber was one of the ingredients in the elixir of immortality, which was prepared for Pope Boniface VIII. If you wear around your neck, amber will fill you with energy pulses and will clear your body of toxins.

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