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The influence of the phases of the moon on humans - 1-10 lunar day

Nina NordNina Nord
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The phases of the moon affect people, so it's good to know which of the lunar day will be most useful for certain events.

The first lunar day - the day of the new moon, is detrimental to group work . The first day of the lunar cycle is about personal plans and work. Avoid physical and emotional stress. An adverse day for weddings. It is suitable for meditation . On this day, wear jewelry with crystals and diamonds.

The second lunar day is suitable for exercise, but conflicts are possible. A great day for new beginnings, but not for a wedding. Use agate and chalcedony.

The third lunar day is a day of fighting and aggression, with possible conflicts with relatives. An adverse day for a new job, and marriage. That day is not recommended for trimming and extractions. The stones on this day are ruby.

On the fourth day, it is notable that the risk to suffer from rivals in business is evident. Do not take major decisions on that day. It is ideal for transactions, but you must be careful. Avoid marriage in this day, do not cut trees, do not pluck flowers. The stone of the day is jade.

The fifth lunar day requires respect from you, because you will experience a bout of indecision. This day is suitable for strategic planning. It is not recommended for a wedding. There may be problems with your lungs. Stones of the fifth day are marble, turquoise, pink chalcedony.


The sixth lunar day is the day of your intuition. The day is perfect for a new acquaintance whom you will grow into love, favorable for marriage. Wear jewelry with citrine on this day.

The seventh day is a good start to the realization of long planned ideas. You will get support from friends and acquaintances. Avoid chicken that day. The day is suitable for a wedding, but on this day the stone is jasper.

The eighth day is for successful travel and completion of unfinished business. Not recommended to enter marriage. On this day, use protect red coral.

The ninth lunar day is stressful because you will run into lies and deceptions. You may receive an important warning in a dream. In this day spilled milk and broken glass bring very bad luck. Do not get married in this day because it is a day of black magic. Protect yourself with black pearls.

The tenth lunar day is a day to spend with suitable family, and surrender fully to work - you choose what to do. The day is perfect for a wedding, and a record of your actions lately. Protect yourself with amber.