Rituals for Clearing up the Karma Between Loved Ones

Rituals for Clearing up the Karma Between Loved Ones

Whether purifying the karma between husband and wife, brothers, sisters, etc, the ritual must be done between 2 individuals. There cannot be a 3rd loved one in it because this will cause a karmic overflow of negative energy in the cosmic agreement.



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Rituals - Macabre Religious Rites

Macabre Religious Rites


For nearly 5 centuries, West India and Pakistan have had a ritual where they throw 1-year-old babies off from a 50 ft minaret. This rite is done to bring luck.

Rituals - Rituals for Love and Luck on New Year's Eve

Rituals for Love and Luck on New Year's Eve


Your luck is guaranteed if you hug and kiss those you truly love right at midnight. However, it's best to say cheers from a distance to those you don't like.

Rituals - How to Call Forth a Ghost

How to Call Forth a Ghost


You can call forth a ghost through meditation. This is one of the many ways of communicating with the afterlife. To summon a ghost through meditation, you need to have had a strong connection with that person while they were still alive.

Rituals - The Strangest New Year's Traditions Around the World

The Strangest New Year's Traditions Around the World


Denmark - The Danes literally jump into the New Year. At midnight, they all stand on chairs and when the moment comes at last, they all jump together into the new year.

Rituals - Divination with a Spider

Divination with a Spider


Using a plain old house spider, you can make predictions about whether your wishes will come true. All that's required is to find a spider web somewhere in your home. You can also divine using a spider that has spun its web somewhere outside.

Rituals - Love Divination with Apples

Love Divination with Apples


For centuries, apples have been a symbol of the goddess of love for many peoples. That is why the apple gives the most accurate answer to the question of whether a person loves you or does not have strong feelings toward you.

Rituals - Divination with an Egg

Divination with an Egg


If the egg white forms into an angel, this predicts happiness and peace. A watermelon shape is a guarantee of happiness in the family, while the butterfly is a symbol of well-being.

Rituals - Divination with Flowers

Divination with Flowers


Each flower has its own special qualities. For example, the daisy is suitable for love divination. Lilacs will help you find out whether what you want to come true and is important to you will indeed come to pass.

Rituals - Mirrors Attract Money to your Home

Mirrors Attract Money to your Home


Mirrors possess the property of storing and transferring information. Therefore, every time you look in the mirror, wish for good health and luck. If you are overworked or sick, look into a mirror as seldom as possible.

Rituals - How to Bless Our Home

How to Bless Our Home


Blessing a home is a type of consecration, carried out as a celebration for a new home. It is also done after the accumulation of negative energy, such as a death or disease in the home.

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