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The Weird Tale of the Biologist who Saw a UFO in his GardenThe Weird Tale of the Biologist who Saw a UFO in his Garden
09 Feb.
There have been countless reported cases of people claiming to have seen extraterrestrials, or at least UFOs. The majority of these aren't seen as authentic since they're not supported by concrete evidence and are usually...
How Much Does a Dolphin Weigh?How Much Does a Dolphin Weigh?
12 Feb.
They can weigh up to 4 tons and reach 28 ft long. The most commonly seen dolphins are Bottlenose dolphins, who can reach up to 13 ft long. They weigh from 264 - 880 lb. Common dolphins are more modest in size....
How Much Does the Human Head Weigh?How Much Does the Human Head Weigh?
13 Jan.
The human body is one of the most outstanding creations of nature. It is an amazing, self-regulating mechanism. The human body is comprised of different kinds of tissues. These tissues form groups to build the different organs...
Aliens hiding in the depths of the oceanAliens hiding in the depths of the ocean
04 May
Weird underwater objects were found in different parts of the world, but their descriptions match the possible existence of extraterrestrial life, acknowledged Dr....
Abilities after clinical deathAbilities after clinical death
11 Nov.
Sometimes after clinical death people get weird gifts. There are cases in which intuition is highly developed after experiencing clinical death. One begins to anticipate a variety of events....
The Geniuses who Stunned the World with Their Strange HabitsThe Geniuses who Stunned the World with Their Strange Habits
08 July
Take a look at some of the researchers that humanity will remember as being quite weird....
Inexplicable Photographs from the PastInexplicable Photographs from the Past
06 Nov.
The weird part was that during the photo session there was no one there besides the Templeton family. Even in his final days, Jim was unable to explain the photos....
The Mummies and Catacombs of PalermoThe Mummies and Catacombs of Palermo
16 Feb.
When entering this room, a weird, maybe even uncomfortable feeling comes over you. There is a slight movement of the air, it is damp and the smell is quite memorable....
How to remember your dreams?How to remember your dreams?
31 May
- All images, emotions and ideas should be recorded, no matter how vague, incomplete or weird. - No need to try to arrange the entire dream....
Macabre Religious RitesMacabre Religious Rites
03 Feb.
But there are rites so weird that they can shock any sober person with their level of brutality....
A Boy from India Astounds with his Unusual HandsA Boy from India Astounds with his Unusual Hands
04 Sept.
Currently, the 8-year-old boy's hands weigh 35.5 lb (16 kg) each. The disproportion of his hands, which weigh more than his head, interfere with the boy's ability to carry out even the most normal tasks....
Pinocchio's Neck Breaks After 13 LiesPinocchio's Neck Breaks After 13 Lies
28 June
The scientist determined that if the doll is made of oak, it will weigh just over 8.8 lb (4 kg), while the nose will be 1″ (2.5 cm) long and weigh 0.2 oz (6 grams)....
Bermuda Triangle - Disappearances and MysteriesBermuda Triangle - Disappearances and Mysteries
27 Feb.
Magnetic differences are also given to this weird area of our world therefore giving different compass readings to normal ones....
Choose a Mandala and Discover the Strong Side of your Character!Choose a Mandala and Discover the Strong Side of your Character!
08 Mar.
But this creates a gap between you and other people, who often see you as a weirdo. Use your fantasy and express yourself in a creative way. 4....
Fall Asleep in 1 Minute Using a Harvard Scientist's MethodFall Asleep in 1 Minute Using a Harvard Scientist's Method
23 Apr.
Andrew Weil himself explains that this breathing method has been used in India for centuries. The 4-7-8 technique has 3 steps, to which it owes its name: 1....
Another mystery of Easter Island is revealedAnother mystery of Easter Island is revealed
22 Sept.
Each of them weigh several tons. It is assumed that cylindrical hats were made on the spot in the crater, and then were rolling up the valley for a long time whilst sprinkled with red volcanic ash....
Water chasing depressionWater chasing depression
16 May
It will weigh your concerns and prevent them returning ever again. No matter how funny you think it is at least try to perform this ritual when you feel tense and you will see that there is an unexpected effect....
Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - June 2Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - June 2
02 June
Even if you believe that they're doable, later you'll be sorry that you did not weigh your words....
Thought is materialThought is material
15 Feb.
Blue - weigh the situation. Green - can not live without you. Each of us affects what you see and think, so do not pretend to be victims of circumstances, he said....
The Year of the Sun: 2017The Year of the Sun: 2017
13 Jan.
The year will help us realize some very important truths and it'll be easier for all of us to weigh in the wealth of opportunities and focus our energy where we need to....
Archaeologists Dig Up the Remains of Triple-Horned Dinosaur - WendiceratopsArchaeologists Dig Up the Remains of Triple-Horned Dinosaur - Wendiceratops
11 Feb.
By comparison, a Triceratops could reach 29.5 ft (9 m) long and weigh up to 12 tons....
Fly in a Capsule Through the Stratosphere for 75 GrandFly in a Capsule Through the Stratosphere for 75 Grand
28 Nov.
The capsule, that will take those willing 19 miles (30 km) above the Earth, will weigh 8800 lbs (4 tons) and will rise with the aid of a helium balloon. The capacity of the capsule is 8 persons....
Your Horoscope for Today - February 25Your Horoscope for Today - February 25
25 Feb.
Don't worry if you look like a weirdo at work either. Almost everyone will have genuine fun with your crazy impulses. Taurus - Don't let arrogant people ruin your good mood today....
Diamonds Form from SeawaterDiamonds Form from Seawater
09 Sept.
"Once something gets trapped in a diamond, from that moment on the material in question remains the same for millions of years, " explains Jacob Weiss, head of the project....
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in AriesBlood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries
08 Oct.
It would be wise to weigh our words, since the Moon phase coincides with Mercury's retrogradation, which will further cloud our judgment....