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Find out your Daily Horoscope for January 20

Zodiac Signs

Today is going to be quite an emotional day, as most planets are going to be in the water signs. Get ready for strong gusts of emotion and a great struggle between your feelings and reason.

Venus, moving through the territory of Pisces, is going to create an aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, which is going to provoke us to reveal some of our dark secrets and repressed emotions.

The moon is entering Scorpio, helping us understand our own, as well as others' emotions more deeply and not just on the surface. Today we need to more often look at issues from their spiritual side.

Aries - Listen to your inner voice as much as you can today because it will encourage you to follow your dreams. Throughout the day, you're going to have enough confidence to bring some of your secret desires out in the open and think logically about how you can actually realize them. Be rid of all doubt today and follow your feelings.

Taurus - Don't be surprised if you find yourself feeling a strong urge to express your desires more clearly today. These potent feelings will drive you to take bolder steps both in the romantic and professional aspects. The day provides an opportunity for you to show the passionate side of your character and grab others' attention with your actions.

Gemini - The positive energy today is going to motivate you to stand in the spotlight and better see some of your own shortcomings. The day will predispose you to transformations on the spiritual level but you have to steel yourself for clashes with negative memories, which you've been trying to suppress. What lies hidden in your subconscious may swim up to the surface today.

Cancer - Today it's likely that you're only going to have need of your own company and that you isolate yourself from others. Emotions will be running high and if you were to analyze them, you'll be able to learn something more about yourself. It's possible that others see you as a weirdo but you shouldn't feel guilty for your need of solitude. Let them say whatever they will, don't pay their criticism any mind.

Leo - Your dynamism in your relationships with others is going to attract attention throughout the day. Expect more emotional and passionate conversations that are going to charge the environment around you. You have the opportunity to stabilize the trust between you and your loved ones but to do so you'll need to be more sincere in terms of your feelings.

Virgo - Today you can rely on your ability to handle sensitive issues with ease. No matter how many of them crop up today, you'll manage to find the solution. Today you have the opportunity to restore some disrupted companionships but you're going to have to be the one who holds out their hand first. You may achieve a lot with your good intentions.

Libra - Your intuition will be working flawlessly today and you're easily going to discover the truth, even when it comes to the most secretive of issues. Also try to analyze the information you obtain today because it may allow you to avoid a huge problem or save shaky relationships that are important to you. Be as truthful as possible when revealing your feelings.

Scorpio - Utilize the opportunities today to forge deeper and more emotional connections with those around you. A single honest conversation will be enough for you to grow closer. Throughout the day you're going to have to take on more responsibility for your actions, regardless of whether we're talking about work or your personal life. This will help you better guide your destiny.

Sagittarius - Burning passions will motivate you today and charge you with the faith to pursue your dreams. You may achieve a great many of your goals and have fun while you're at it, if you share these with family or coworkers. The people around you are going to make your life more adventurous if you allow them closer to you.

Capricorn - The day predisposes you to a review of your closest relationships and finances. You have to turn your attention to every single detail of these issues and analyze them. Through small steps you can achieve significant progress if they're aimed in the right direction, so make sure you've made the right decisions.

Aquarius - Today, it's time for you to eliminate everything you no longer have any need of. Be honest as to what you do need and what you can get rid of. Don't let your old habits and routine rule over you because even if they seem harmless, they will halt your progress later on. Through greater patience and persistence you will succeed in realizing your plans.

Pisces - There are going to be plenty of opportunities around you for you achieve a part of your dreams, as long as you overcome your fears and are more demanding. Don't give up on them just because they seem impossible at this stage. If you display persistence and take advantage of the opportunities, you'll head toward progress.