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Inexplicable Photographs from the Past

Strange picture

Nowadays, time and time again we come across photographs containing extraterrestrials, ghosts, witches and all kinds of other bizarre creatures. In the era of Photoshop, one can bear witness to countless images and nothing can be considered as truth until actual evidence is found.

But how can we explain the photos with mysterious images dating back to long before people began working with today's technologies? Learn of the stories of several images for which experts still have no explanation as to how they were made.

The strange story of the Solway Firth Spaceman dates back to 1964 in Cumbria, England. One sunny afternoon, Jim Templeton and his family were taking a walk when they decided to snap a few photos. When the father later examined the filmstrip, he was utterly confounded. The image showed a strange figure, resembling an astronaut, standing behind his daughter.


The weird part was that during the photo session there was no one there besides the Templeton family. Even in his final days, Jim was unable to explain the photos. According to those familiar with the case, the event may have had something to do with a planned rocket launch nearby, which was cancelled due to other suspicious circumstances.

Other pictures that give us the creeps even to this day include the one of the Hook Island sea monster. This creature was photographed exactly 50 years ago. At that time, photo montages and image editing software were unknown to humans. The photos of the horrifying creature were taken by Robert Le Serrec and his wife.

The 2 were off the coast of Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island. While they were talking, they glimpsed a gigantic creature in the lagoon. According to their accounts, it looked like a giant tadpole, which at first remained unmoving.


The couple took photographs of it several times and decided to take a closer look. Suddenly, the creature started moving and they rushed to leave the area.

No less frightening is the photo of the ghost of Freddy Jackson, taken in 1919. At the time, Jackson was working as an airplane mechanic in Sir Victor Goddard's squadron but was killed by an aircraft propeller.

Shortly after his death, all of the pilots gathered to get a photo taken. After the picture was made, the pilots saw that Jackson was present in it. How this happened still remains a mystery.