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Amber TalismansAmber Talismans
10 Jan.
Amber is a talisman for people who are trying to understand more about ancient times - these are historians, archaeologists, anthropologists. Amber prevents people from enemies and evil....
Talismans from PitsTalismans from Pits
12 Dec.
Keep this talisman in the home. To protect yourself against health problems, make an almond talisman. Almonds are a potent magical medium....
Talismans for CapricornTalismans for Capricorn
06 Nov.
Ring-talismans must be worn by Capricorns on the middle finger of their hand....
Talismans for WomenTalismans for Women
19 Mar.
A suitable talisman can be found for every kind of effect and situation, as long as the woman believes in its power. Wedding Talismans - Most Preferred by Women Women focus exceptionally on wedding talismans....
Wooden Luck TalismansWooden Luck Talismans
18 Dec.
This talisman protects against energy loss....
Talismans by Star SignTalismans by Star Sign
07 Jan.
Suitable for Taurus, is a talisman made of copper. Red talismans should be avoided. Geminis need associative mascots, for example a key, mask, book, pen....
The Strangest Wedding Traditions Around the WorldThe Strangest Wedding Traditions Around the World
23 Nov.
Awkward Moments During the First Wedding Night In some African villages, the 1st wedding night isn't as intimate as other places around the world....
Talismans of the Fire SignsTalismans of the Fire Signs
10 Mar.
Gemstones for Sagittarius Garnet is the most appropriate talisman for those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. People born from November 23 - December 2 fall under the influence of Mercury....
Talismans of the Earth signsTalismans of the Earth signs
18 Dec.
Talismans of Virgo The foundation stone that brings good fortune of Virgo is jasper. From 24 August to 2 September Virgos are born under the influence of the Sun....
Talismans to protect from angerTalismans to protect from anger
20 Aug.
Women whose men have a drinking habit, must have a talisman of amethyst. If you feel constant fear in a thunderstorm, the talisman is red coral....
What Does a Wedding in a Dream Mean?What Does a Wedding in a Dream Mean?
04 July
Those who have an upcoming wedding often dream of the event due to the excitement surrounding the preparation but if you're not going to be a bride or groom in the near future, the dream of a wedding bears an important...
Pineapples and apples make powerful talismansPineapples and apples make powerful talismans
14 Dec.
If you give your spouse a talisman in the shape of a pineapple, her feelings for you will not die out. An apple is also a powerful talisman....
Talismans and amulets: meaning and colorsTalismans and amulets: meaning and colors
15 Aug.
Talismans and amulets have a difference. Amulets protect from adverse impacts, and talismans give strong energy. But the aim of amulets, and talismans is the same - to bring luck to people....
Birch talismans against negative energy and depressionBirch talismans against negative energy and depression
22 May
Birch twigs in Spring are considered very powerful talismans. Such Mascots chase away the pain and diseases and protect children from disease and bad eyes....
Feng Shui Talisman for LoveFeng Shui Talisman for Love
05 Nov.
Each culture has its own Amulets and Talismans. In some countries for example, a horse shoe is considered to be lucky for the house. Chinese Talisman Feng Shui is considered one of the strongest in the world....

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