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Photographed: Pyramids Sending Rays into SpacePhotographed: Pyramids Sending Rays into Space
03 Feb.
reason why they are sending light rays into space. Just a few years ago, a team of physicists managed to photograph an energy ray being emitted from the top of the Bosnian pyramid. The electromagnetic analysis showed...
NASA Launches Dangerous Bacteria into Space for Strange ExperimentNASA Launches Dangerous Bacteria into Space for Strange Experiment
12 Dec.
At the beginning of the month, NASA announced they'll be conducting a dangerous experiment, whereby they'll be launching Escherichia coli into space to see how it could potentially affect astronauts in space. The...
What are Space Jellyfish?What are Space Jellyfish?
27 Sept.
Space jellyfish, also known as star jellies is the phenomenon that occurs during a meteor shower. Instead of a meteorite, a small piece of stone or metal, strange stuff that looks like a jellyfish falls to Earth...
Mysterious Signal Caught from SpaceMysterious Signal Caught from Space
05 July
electromagnetic emission with a specific wavelength in the X-ray range. The exact origin of the signal, coming from deep space, is still unclear, which is why scientists can only make assumptions about the source that sent...
The Death Ray - Tesla`s Last InventionThe Death Ray - Tesla`s Last Invention
09 Feb.
. Tesla's Death Ray would have provided an undeniable advantage to the nation that obtained it, determining the outcome of World War II. As such, the superpowers are speculated to have raced to obtain his schematics for it, while also possibly making sure they didn't fall into the hands of their enemies....
Individuals who Turned Their Names into NamesakesIndividuals who Turned Their Names into Namesakes
28 June
Certain historical figures are actually present in our daily lives in the sense that, led by their various selfish motives, they've inadvertently created terms in the dictionary that still bear their names...
Scientists Have Peered into the Sun's SoulScientists Have Peered into the Sun's Soul
03 Sept.
Science has managed to take a peek into the Sun's soul. For the first time, scientists have observed the Sun's core, analyzing its emissions from neutrino particles. "We have finally glimpsed the sun’s soul...
NASA to Steal Ancient Metal from SpaceNASA to Steal Ancient Metal from Space
30 May
NASA definitely knows how to shock and awe. The latest notion of the space-exploring organization is to steal an asteroid. The reason? The asteroid's iron content, estimated at $10 quadrillion. The asteroid 16...
Space Sensation! Cassini Dives Between Saturn's RingsSpace Sensation! Cassini Dives Between Saturn's Rings
28 Apr.
begun streaming data back to Earth after a pause due to a maneuver. The craft is following the planned trajectory and is now sending data back to our own planet (see photos). The photographs and readings made by...
People of Earth, come from spacePeople of Earth, come from space
21 June
People have come to Earth from space. This is the final conclusion of researchers of ancient texts and works of culture. They are adamant in their assertion that people are aliens and justifying it with a number of...
The Top 5 Strangest Theories about SpaceThe Top 5 Strangest Theories about Space
17 Apr.
Space is immense. It is doubtful whether all of humanity's existence will be enough for us to explore even a small part of it. As with anything, whenever humans don't understand something about their surrounding...
Russia is Progressing Quickly in Space TourismRussia is Progressing Quickly in Space Tourism
17 Dec.
The chief executive of KosmoKurs, Pavel Pushkin, has presented the new type of reusable space shuttle for tourist flights into space, which the company is developing. The private Russian company has been working on...
Building a Fence Against Space JunkBuilding a Fence Against Space Junk
20 June
artificial satellite Sputnik 1. The speed with which these space junk bits orbit outer space is 16777 miles (27000 km) per hour, and if they collide with each other they break apart into much smaller pieces. This in...
Everyone Can Now View Earth from SpaceEveryone Can Now View Earth from Space
08 May
Anyone who is curious will have a view toward Earth from onboard the International Space Station, since live streaming on the Internet is now fact. Anyone who is willing will be able to gaze upon our home planet...
Spend More Time Under the Sun's Rays for Longer LifeSpend More Time Under the Sun's Rays for Longer Life
07 Apr.
distributed throughout the body after it creates vitamin D. This occurs during sustained exposure to the sun's rays. 24 volunteers took part in the studies. They were divided into 2 groups of 12 people each. Every one of...

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