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Russia is Progressing Quickly in Space Tourism

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Russian Shuttle

The chief executive of KosmoKurs, Pavel Pushkin, has presented the new type of reusable space shuttle for tourist flights into space, which the company is developing.

The private Russian company has been working on a shuttle that will be reusable, for launching tourist flights into near-Earth orbit. A ticket for such a space flight will be valued at about $200-250 grand.

The first flight is planned for the beginning of 2020. In 2018, the first tests of the new space system will be carried out.

Pushkin claims that the market for space tourism comes out to 14 000 people for the first 10 years. By comparison, only about 700 tickets for next decade have been reserved in analogous American projects so far.

The chief executive of KosmoKurs has clearly stated his aim for the larger niche of this market. From the get-go, the Russian project has been financed to a high degree by a local investor. But his name remains veiled in secrecy.


The existing might of the Russian rocket-space industry will be used in the production of the space system. They are not only plenty reliable but also much less expensive than getting new ones.

The head of KosmoKurs has shown a willingness to work together with the United Rocket and Space Corporation, after they find common ground.

At the moment, the company is collaborating with 8 corporations, among leading experts in the creation of the "Angara" space-launch vehicle and the "Buran" reusable spacecraft.

Even though there is still a lot of time before the first few launches, the seats have already been taken. The flights will last 20 min, while landing will occur about 12 miles (20 km) from the launch location. The company guarantees a high adrenaline rush and a wonderful experience.