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People of Earth, come from space

People of Earth, come from space

People have come to Earth from space. This is the final conclusion of researchers of ancient texts and works of culture.

They are adamant in their assertion that people are aliens and justifying it with a number of historical evidence. In the long history of Earth, there are heaps of documents which mention flying vehicles and people coming down to earth from heaven.

As part of the records are treated and displayed aircraft.

Various ancient chroniclers mention the "angels" and "sons of God" who "descend from heaven" and "take the daughters of men to women."

Scientists say a curious point is that the ancient chroniclers and researchers do not say anything about UFOs or interplanetary contacts. The way in which they are imagined as seen flying machines and people from the sky, makes contemporary scientists conclude that the ancients looked at earthlings and visitors from space in another way.

Such a theory developed and Chandra Wickramasinghe. British Astrobiology at the University of Cardiff. He is a supporter of the idea that human life originated in space and even explains how this happened.

3-4 billion years ago, comets with microbes from outer space have found themselves on Earth. Propagating process is followed, with which over millions of years of human life is created.

"Therefore, we link in an unbroken chain, which covers much of the universe, " said Chandra Wickramasinghe.