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Australian Woman Runs into the Yowie Monster


Stories of human-like creatures, reminiscent of monkeys and bears, have long been part of the folklore and legends of various peoples. These creatures also go by the names of Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch and others.

And even though their existence has not been scientifically proven, people from around the world regularly provide accounts that they've seen this mysterious creature in the forest. A woman from Australia shares her encounter with just such a creature, where it is locally called a Yowie.

The entity in question appeared before the woman from New South Wales. A week ago, the woman had been driving home with her car, when the road took her through a wooded area.


Since she was tired from her usual cricket practice and felt like enjoying the scenery, the Australian woman stopped her car and stepped out.

She soon realized that she was not alone in the woods. She heard a noise coming from the nearby bushes and began screaming. Assuming it was a wild beast, she hoped her screams would scare it away.

But her tactic failed. The noise intensified, frightening the woman further. She went back inside her car, turned the headlights on and found herself staring at something outlandish, writes the Daily Mail.

Before her stood a massive, human-like being, as if straight out of some Yeti (Yowie) horror film. It was about 8 ft (2.5 m) tall and truly impressive physically.

The cryptic entity caused no harm to the woman. It simply circled the vehicle, then disappeared without a trace back into the bushes.