Scientists Create a Graphene Spider Web, Capable of Tangling an AirplaneScientists Create a Graphene Spider Web, Capable of Tangling an Airplane
18 May
Inspired by the precision of spiders, scientists decided to create a super strong spider web for application in military and civilian industry....
Returned from HellReturned from Hell
30 Nov.
History knows many cases where people fall in extreme situations which seemingly chance of survival is being zero, however, defeating the threat, these people say they have "returned from Hell."...
The Mad Russian Scientist who Tried to Create a Human-Ape HybridThe Mad Russian Scientist who Tried to Create a Human-Ape Hybrid
07 Dec.
The Soviet scientist had been attempting to create a creature carrying both monkey and human genes, while using shocking methods to accomplish this....
Cosmic Collisions Created the World OceanCosmic Collisions Created the World Ocean
25 May
According to scientists, the water that's a source of life on Earth was not formed on the planet itself but was brought here by meteorites that fell to its surface....
Dreams of Hell and the AbyssDreams of Hell and the Abyss
31 Oct.
Don't worry though, if you dream of Hell, this means you can expect successes and a peaceful life ahead....
Nigerian Pastor comes back from HellNigerian Pastor comes back from Hell
12 Sept.
Two angels accompanied him to the sky then descended into the Hell. In hell the Pastor heard the experiences of the sinners desperation....
Ancient Circles Puzzle ScientistsAncient Circles Puzzle Scientists
05 Nov.
In the lands of Jordan, there are enormous circles which have puzzled scientists for years on end....
Scientists Record a StarquakeScientists Record a Starquake
24 Oct.
A unique cosmic phenomenon was registered by American scientists. NASA announced that they have recorded a magnetar starquake....
Prehistoric Bloodsucker Shocked ScientistsPrehistoric Bloodsucker Shocked Scientists
10 July
Scientist suggest that insects appeared in the early Devonian (410 million years ago). Paleontologists, however, are not unanimous about who their ancestors were....
The Misconceptions about Satan, Created by Pop CultureThe Misconceptions about Satan, Created by Pop Culture
21 Oct.
Here are some of the misconceptions about Satan that have been created by pop culture....
The Most Brutal Types of Torture Ever CreatedThe Most Brutal Types of Torture Ever Created
03 Aug.
To prove this, we're going to present you with the most brutal methods of torture created by man. The Brazen Bull Used in Ancient Greece, the brazen bull torture technique is also known as the Sicilian bull....
Where in the World is Hell Cold?Where in the World is Hell Cold?
08 Oct.
Here are a few examples: For the Scandinavians, Eskimos, Yakuts and inhabitants of northern Siberia and Kamtschatka, Hell is cold. For the majority of Southern peoples, Hell is thought to be a burning inferno....
The Atacama Alien Stuns ScientistsThe Atacama Alien Stuns Scientists
18 Sept.
Scientists noticed right off the bat that it had hard teeth, an elongated skull, a dark colored body and 9 pairs of ribs. In addition, they also found the remains of well-developed lungs and a heart....
Mysterious Mars Rock Puzzles ScientistsMysterious Mars Rock Puzzles Scientists
22 Jan.
The content of manganese was also two times greater than in any other Martian rock known to scientists....
NASA Creates New Map of JupiterNASA Creates New Map of Jupiter
15 Oct.
The photos of Jupiter have enabled scientists to create a new and more detailed map of the planet. It contains never-before-seen details....