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The Most Brutal Types of Torture Ever Created


Even today, torture is a brutal reality for many unlucky people around the world. Most troubling about this fact is not just its existence as a practice but also the way in which some apply their twisted creativity (and even pleasure) in coming up with devices intended to inflict pain. To prove this, we're going to present you with the most brutal methods of torture created by man.

The Brazen Bull

Used in Ancient Greece, the brazen bull torture technique is also known as the Sicilian bull. The victim is put into a hollowed out bull statue, made of bronze. Under it, the torturers place logs and burn them until the metal gains a fiery yellow color. The victim was literally cooked alive, screaming in agony. The statue was constructed in such a way that the screams would sound louder and appear as if the bull itself was wailing to anyone around it.

Heretic's Fork

This torture device consists of a metal shaft with 2 opposite, forked ends. It was attached to the victim's neck with a leather strap. One forked end was placed under the chin, the other touched their breast. Victims were tied to a column, while the device essentially prevented them from falling asleep because of the danger of either fork stabbing into their throat or breast as soon as their head came down. This particular device was used by the Spanish Inquisition nearly until the beginning of the 19th century.

Torture with Rats


Another favorite method of torture by the Spanish Inquisition was torture with rats. A cage was placed on the victim's body, with the only opening being right up against their stomach. Several large rats were then put into the cage. It was heated on one side and the animals' natural instinct was to escape. They would do this by chewing their way to freedom. This is one of the most sadistic and painful methods of torture known in history.

Republican Marriage

Aside from the guillotine and being burned at the stake, another way to carry out public executions during the French Revolution was the so-called "republican marriage". Naked men and women were tied to each other, with weights attached and were thrown into icy waters to drown. If the victims made any attempt to get out of the water, their bodies were met with stabbing pikes or swords. This was the preferred method of executing nuns and priests in those troubled times.

The English Penalty for High Treason

Until 1814, the penalty for high treason was one of the bloodiest forms of torture invented by man. Convicts were subsequently hung, emasculated and disemboweled. The executions were always public. First, the victim was dragged by horse about 656 ft (200 m), then briefly hung, while making sure that they didn't die. Next came burning with live coals, castration and disembowelment, with torturers again being careful that the victim didn't die. The end finally came with dismemberment. William Wallace, portrayed by Mel Gibson in the famous Braveheart, was executed in this fashion.