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6-year American contacts with the dead6-year American contacts with the dead
24 Nov.
The first experience she had with dead people was with her grandfather. Then, however, the child had not yet realized what she had to do to interact with people from another world....
The Power of the Placebo EffectThe Power of the Placebo Effect
21 Mar.
With humans it's nearly the same thing. Our immunity when suffering from a disease is boosted to a much higher degree when we are given a placebo (sugar pill, fake drug, shot or other treatment)....
The secret of the living deadThe secret of the living dead
12 Feb.
An old black man with a bracelet of ivory shouted something. On checking whether this man was truly dead, no heartbeat or reaction of the pupils were to be found. This man was dead....
The dead come to us with a prophetic dream missionsThe dead come to us with a prophetic dream missions
01 Jan.
In the dream they are alive and meet with the dead, talk to each other, and often reveal secrets. Some skeptics say it is just a lot of nonsense....
Photo Albums of the DeadPhoto Albums of the Dead
31 Mar.
There was special equipment used to keep the departed in a sitting or standing pose, and when at times the photographer was several days late and the body began decomposing, it was covered with a towel or special mask....
The Ancient Dead Sea ScrollsThe Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
27 Feb.
The find of a cave containing jars filled with manuscripts caused sensation throughout the world. It was spring 1947 when a group of Bedouin goat herders were searching the coast of the Dead Sea searching for a goat....
Effects of the Different Phases of the MoonEffects of the Different Phases of the Moon
18 Dec.
During a 2nd moon phase the emotions are heightened, the soul is filled with joy and satisfaction. The body is charged with strength and energy. Third Phase: Full Moon - a complete influx of energy....
The Secret of the Lake with the SkeletonsThe Secret of the Lake with the Skeletons
30 Apr.
Whether the legend is true, even with the efforts of modern technology can not be established....
The Merina People's Little-Known Festival of the DeadThe Merina People's Little-Known Festival of the Dead
27 Oct.
They are met with songs and have rum poured over them. After homage is paid, the dead are wrapped up once more and returned to their graves....
Parts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagiParts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagi
10 Oct.
Book of the Dead is a religious collection in which moral certainties are intertwined with ancient magic. In this collection there are prayers, songs and spells associated with the cult of the afterlife....
The Zodiac Signs with the Strongest IntuitionThe Zodiac Signs with the Strongest Intuition
31 Oct.
They can read your thoughts with ease and even if you think you’ve managed to hide something from them, this is not the case....
The Effects of Aromas on DreamsThe Effects of Aromas on Dreams
19 May
Sleep with flowers in your bedroom if you want to have sweet dreams, advise scientists, quoted by the BBC....
The power and effects of AmuletsThe power and effects of Amulets
10 Sept.
If it is deliberately placed to provoke evil it is believe to bring death!...
How the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife CrisisHow the Different Zodiac Signs Deal with Their Midlife Crisis
09 Mar.
This is completely silly because their sexual appetites dwindle only after their death. During this midlife crisis, Aries falls into extremes, such as sex marathons, from which he's barely able to catch his breath....
The Bell WitchThe Bell Witch
07 Jan.
Once a ghost story, that the spirit of an Indian unburied, sometimes introduced himself as Keith Beth - deceased local witch. Finally, the ghost was called the Bell Witch....