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The ancient Chinese treated with marijuana

The ancient Chinese treated with marijuana

Archaeologists have discovered unusual findings in the Gobi Desert. Ancient secrets with marijuana.

It proves that the territory of modern China have grown marijuana also known as Indian hemp plants before 2, 500 years.

The secret was detected in the mound of a shaman.

Chemical analysis of the findings indicate that the drug is of the highest quality: it contains large amounts of cannabinoids. These are the chemicals responsible for the use of intoxication marijuana.

Archaeologists believe that ancient Chinese have used marijuana in the mound as a painkiller, having discovered in the tomb smoking accessories and grass.

Some argue about the damage and the benefits of marijuana. A few months ago Canada bought shock as it became the world's first country in which they gave a legitimate reason to use marijuana. A therapeutic agent. One gram of marijuana in Canada is sold for 5 dollars ($3, 70).

Legalized marijuana for sale to patients will be kept in special state plantations.