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The Three Zodiac Signs with the Kindest Heart

Plamena M.Plamena M.

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It could very well be that all humans are born with a kind heart. But life changes us, sometimes in a negative way. Only 3 zodiac signs can't help but be good-natured and loving.

Naturally, there's good people from all of the zodiac signs but these 3 have, undoubtedly, the purest souls of all. For them, kindness is as natural as the air they breathe.

You can spot them easily - they greet you, hug you often and listen to what you have to say. When they're around us, we can feel the world transforming into a better place. So who are the top kindhearted zodiac signs? Find out below.


They have a huge heart and there's plenty of room in it for everyone. Leos simply love to hug - tightly and warmly. Exceptionally confident in themselves, they are just irresistible. It is this belief in themselves that brings an incorrigible optimism. Besides being good, they are phenomenally generous. They love helping, without seeking anything in return.



Meeting with a Gemini is a meeting with pure benevolence. They are so witty and upbeat that they can make anyone in their company feel comfortable in seconds. Truly attached to every human being, along with their humor and wonderful radiance, they are pleasant to be around. Meet a Gemini once and you'll find yourself wanting to keep talking to them.

When they need to, they transform into a careful, serious listener. They're not going to deceive or lie about being interested in you - they're always interested in those around them. Gemini have the ability to make anyone feel like the most important person on the planet, as they give the person they're communicating with their full attention.


This is the friendliest zodiac sign of all. Pisces are so selfless that they're always ready to put their own problems aside just to help you. They are convinced that helping others is the most important thing in the world, while their own problems can wait.

This allows them to build the best emotional connections. Pisces give the wisest, most considerate pieces of advice and use the most soothing words. They can make anyone feel as if they deserve all of the attention and time in the world.