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The FBI's Stats on the Zodiac Signs with the Most Serial Killers

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It is said that when the facts speak, the gods remain silent, so let's forget the characteristics assigned to the different zodiac signs for a moment and look at the FBI's data on the most aggressive, vengeful and malicious zodiac signs.

The FBI has classified the most dangerous criminals based on their sign to show us in which of them evil usually prevails over good.

Watch out for the zodiac signs in the top 5 and never make them your enemies, under any circumstances, because their vengeance will be cruel. Best to spare the words and actions that you had planned on using to hurt them, otherwise you're not in for anything good.

According to the data, the 5 most harmless signs are Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Libra and Virgo, while the most dangerous and sinister, according to the FBI, are listed below.

1. Cancer


Even though Cancers may look like timid and sweet creatures at first glance, the fact is that their mood changes with the phases of the Moon, while their turbulent emotions often lead them to turbulent reactions as well. According to FBI statistics, the greatest number of serial killers belong to the sign of Cancer, which is why you should never underestimate the fury of this water sign.

2. Scorpio

It comes as no surprise that Scorpios rank so high in crime rates worldwide. The devastating vengeance of this sign is no secret, after all. According to the FBI, this is the sign that most often shows a tendency for sadism when committing crimes.

3. Sagittarius


Representatives of the sign of Sagittarius are notorious for most crimes committed among the fire signs. They don't play games and when they've got their sights on power, they're capable of overstepping the law and human morals in any way possible. Joseph Stalin, Pablo Escobar and Ted Bundy were all born under this sign.

4. Taurus

Even though Taureans love comfort and peace, whenever something or someone threatens their security, expect radical actions on their part. FBI data reveals that the majority of crimes committed by Taureans had a material motive.

5. Aries

Aries, who easily stand out with their stormy character, take the 5th spot on the FBI's list of serial killers. The reason is that they find it hard to overcome their inborn aggression and when someone provokes them, they are capable of doing the worst in a bout of anger.