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The Woman with the Plastic Face - Real or an Urban Legend?

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Woman with Plastic Face

The story of the woman with the plastic face has served as the inspiration for quite a few horror movies, without us knowing for sure whether it really happened or if it was pure fiction.

According to the legend, the tale played out in June 1972 in Cedars Senai Hospital, when a woman in a white dress walked in, whose outer appearance completely stunned hospital personnel.

Even though she was a living, breathing being, her face made her look like a mannequin. At first glance, doctors thought she was wearing a mask but it turned out that her face was naturally as smooth as plastic and lacking any eyebrows.

An operating room was immediately prepared for her, while personnel never did manage to figure out the emotions of their strange patient, as her face was unable to display any mimic or gesture.

Doctors ordered to have her tied down to the operating table, as a safety precaution.

The woman with the plastic face made no move to resist, did not answer any of the questions asked of her and did not react in any way, making hospital staff even more worried.

But when the anesthesiologist tried to administer anesthesia, she began to struggle and 2 of the nurses had to restrain her in an effort to help the doctor. However, the woman turned out to be unusually strong and was able to push away the nurses and free herself.

Then she simply looked at them and smiled, revealing that she had sharp fangs instead of normal human teeth. This utterly terrified medical personnel and they ran from the room screaming.

No one, except for one single doctor, later dared enter the room the bizarre woman was in. He asked her what kind of creature she was and she replied that she was God. The doctor fell into shock and a little while later the woman left the hospital, never to be seen again.