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The Myth of the Oracle at DelphiThe Myth of the Oracle at Delphi
01 Oct.
the ashes of the monster Python. According to Plutarch, who was also once a priest at the Temple of Apollo, the prophetic power of Pythia was due to the breathing in of some kind of mysterious fumes, coming from the bowels of the earth. However, geologists' investigations have not found such gases....
Seven Types of Character Based on Facial FeaturesSeven Types of Character Based on Facial Features
08 June
highly ambitious individuals and put all of their time and effort into reaching their goals. Plus they have a competitive nature and always try to perform better than others. Priests have no lack of confidence...
The Vestal Virgins - the Most Powerful Women in AntiquityThe Vestal Virgins - the Most Powerful Women in Antiquity
24 Feb.
her vows. After finishing her service, each priestess automatically turned into the most desirable partner for marriage in all of the Empire, with emperors and nobles all vying for her hand. For Romans, one of the...
Conscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until todayConscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until today
14 May
the construction. a star illuminates the temple entrance and bares the strong desert wind. Gudeya lived long and flourished his country, he glorified as a great priest, leader and saint. Most Egyptian deities churches...
The Doorway Between 2 Worlds in PeruThe Doorway Between 2 Worlds in Peru
04 Nov.
learned about the existence of this cryptic gateway from a 450-year-old legend, according to which, a priest from the empire of the Incas was attempting to hide from the Spanish conquerors. The story goes that he was...
The number of your house or what lies behind itThe number of your house or what lies behind it
29 Nov.
appliances. Number 9: This house holds inhabitants such as priests, sailors and musicians. The rooms look like the Bermuda Triangle meaning everything in them makes no sense....
Sapphire for faithfulness and long marriageSapphire for faithfulness and long marriage
08 Jan.
. Sapphire is considered the symbol of the celestial dome, stone of meditation and contemplation. The priests of the temple of Jupiter always wore sapphires in stone. Decorated with sapphires, are also the clothes of...
Chestnuts Shield us from Negative EnergyChestnuts Shield us from Negative Energy
16 Oct.
priests would have the sick person sleep for 3 nights under a bloomed chestnut tree and only then would they chant their spells for healing. According to the ecologist Katya Simeonova, a handful of chestnuts in our...
Maundy Thursday - Myths and TraditionsMaundy Thursday - Myths and Traditions
17 Apr.
Christianity when Mary Magdalene visited the Roman Emperor and gave him a red egg as a gift, symbolizing Christ's blood. On Maundy Thursday, the priests in every Orthodox church take the cross out of the altar, which...
I walked into a very old   huge churchI walked into a very old huge church
16 Mar.
you can't get outside until you pass it. 1st phase we heard the voice of god and it was too scary and we were informed through this voice that the eyes of god shine as fire. 2nd phase a priest gave us some dates to eat...
Why Do Indian Women Wear a Red Dot Between their Eyebrows?Why Do Indian Women Wear a Red Dot Between their Eyebrows?
20 Jan.
function was to show the purity of thoughts and consciousness. As such, a bindi in the past could only be placed on the forehead by a priest. He would place it only on the faces of those who attended a religious ceremony...
Strange Facts about Machu Picchu you May Not KnowStrange Facts about Machu Picchu you May Not Know
04 Nov.
the spiritual center for the Incas, with primarily priests and their families living there./page pageWho discovered the city in the clouds? Today it is widely believed that it was discovered by Yale University...
Secrets of the Rosetta StoneSecrets of the Rosetta Stone
02 Apr.
language. The text itself is a sort of thank-you letter by Ptolemy V, written to the priests of the town of Memphis (Egypt). The Ptolemaic dynasty was Greek, which was why most of the texts during their reign were written...
Quick Test: What Were you Like in a Past Life?Quick Test: What Were you Like in a Past Life?
27 Jan.
Priests belonging to the temple of the goddess Ashtori in eastern India have for centuries been aiding the pilgrims, who visited the holy place, find out what they were like in a past life. If you too want to...
Secrets of the Cheops pyramidSecrets of the Cheops pyramid
20 June
incredible knowledge in ancient civilization. Unfortunately, very few reports have reached us, of how the pharaoh built the largest pyramid in the world. According to information disseminated, Egyptian priests told Herodotus...

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