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Dark Rites of the SummeriansDark Rites of the Summerians
18 Mar.
First priest, ordered attributes in place, then bowed to the four cardinal points. Then they heaped, with horns, the wine....
Cannibalistic Rituals of the AztecsCannibalistic Rituals of the Aztecs
25 Feb.
If the victim was from the locals, it was simply tied and the priest would slice open its chest to remove its heart....
The Myth of the Oracle at DelphiThe Myth of the Oracle at Delphi
01 Oct.
Only the priestess Pythia was able to prophesize with the Oracle. She would refuse to predict the future of people who committed an excessive number of crimes. The priestess required full devotion and deep virtues....
Seven Types of Character Based on Facial FeaturesSeven Types of Character Based on Facial Features
08 June
The Priest The priest has an almond-shaped face, full lips and catlike eyes. These are highly ambitious individuals and put all of their time and effort into reaching their goals....
Great Pyramid of Cholula - San Pedro CholulaGreat Pyramid of Cholula - San Pedro Cholula
30 Nov.
Around the pyramid, there was a fence and in the yard houses were accommodated priests. Mexican pyramids have no sharp peak, and have wide steps....
Mayan Civilization and PyramidsMayan Civilization and Pyramids
03 Aug.
The point was that when the priests or kings performed their rituals, they ascended the Pyramid from the staircases, which was a symbol of rising from earth to heaven....
Pharaohs of Ancient EgyptPharaohs of Ancient Egypt
26 Jan.
They were proudly titled as High Priest of each temple, Lord of the Two Lands or King of Earth and Heaven....
Stonehenge is designed for a sound illusionStonehenge is designed for a sound illusion
05 Jan.
In the center of the stone circle, you can not hear a sound which will distract the priests....
Conscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until todayConscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until today
14 May
Gudeya lived long and flourished his country, he glorified as a great priest, leader and saint. Most Egyptian deities churches have came from a dream....
Demonic doll AnabelaDemonic doll Anabela
22 Feb.
Several days later they went to visit Jason Bredfard a Catholic priest. He showed a hostile attitude towards Anabela. \"You\'re just a doll. You can not hurt anyone\", he said to it....
How to Bless Our HomeHow to Bless Our Home
07 Aug.
The actual blessing must be performed by a priest before the new construction begins. It is done in the place where the foundations will be laid....
The Ghost of the Deceased Mother Which Appeared in an OrphanageThe Ghost of the Deceased Mother Which Appeared in an Orphanage
04 Nov.
Proof of this is a story from back in 1878, told by a priest named Charles. At that time he had been working in an orphanage, caring for kids that were left without their parents....
Why Wear a Ring on the Index Finger?Why Wear a Ring on the Index Finger?
26 Jan.
It's no wonder then that monarchs, priests, senior clergy, kings and healers all wear rings on their index finger. In this way they stimulate their ambition and power of will but also demonstrate the power they possess....
What is a Pagan?What is a Pagan?
20 Jan.
You might often hear priests proclaim someone a pagan or call certain customs and traditions pagan. But what does pagan actually mean?...
The Vestal Virgins - the Most Powerful Women in AntiquityThe Vestal Virgins - the Most Powerful Women in Antiquity
24 Feb.
He married the high priestess Aquilia Severa, an act which the Romans were not pleased with, leading to his assassination. An even worse crime for the Romans was for someone to disobey the will of a priestess....
Exorcists Are Being Sued in FranceExorcists Are Being Sued in France
11 Oct.
A few years ago, a Romanian priest murdered a nun after a brutal ritual, designed to banish the Devil from her....
The Doorway Between 2 Worlds in PeruThe Doorway Between 2 Worlds in Peru
04 Nov.
The legend says that one day the disc will be returned to the people by the priest who had hidden it....
Sapphire for faithfulness and long marriageSapphire for faithfulness and long marriage
08 Jan.
The priests of the temple of Jupiter always wore sapphires in stone. Decorated with sapphires, are also the clothes of clergy in India. Sapphires have decorated the crown of Cleopatra....
The number of your house or what lies behind itThe number of your house or what lies behind it
29 Nov.
Number 9: This house holds inhabitants such as priests, sailors and musicians. The rooms look like the Bermuda Triangle meaning everything in them makes no sense....
Why is Intimacy Between 2 People Taboo in Church Canon Law?Why is Intimacy Between 2 People Taboo in Church Canon Law?
15 Jan.
This all changed with the teachings of Martin Luther, who announced that sex was not a sin and even urged priests to marry, breaking their vow of celibacy according to Catholic canon....
Maundy Thursday - Myths and TraditionsMaundy Thursday - Myths and Traditions
17 Apr.
On Maundy Thursday, the priests in every Orthodox church take the cross out of the altar, which symbolizes Christ carrying it to Golgotha....
Queen Nefertiti, from birth to her death bedQueen Nefertiti, from birth to her death bed
05 Aug.
On her say so priests from the old religion were persecuted and ancient temples were destroyed....
The Ancient Dead Sea ScrollsThe Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
27 Feb.
The authors of these scripts were connected to and if not the priests. However it is still very unclear who the authors were. We do know however that these authors strongly disagreed with the Jerusalem priesthood....
Alexander the Great and ancient EgyptAlexander the Great and ancient Egypt
29 Nov.
In return, the Egyptian priests gave Alexander the title of Pharaoh. This was an important turning point as Alexander the Great believed that he really was a god. Over 331 years B.C....
Chestnuts Shield us from Negative EnergyChestnuts Shield us from Negative Energy
16 Oct.
In the past, Babylonian priests would have the sick person sleep for 3 nights under a bloomed chestnut tree and only then would they chant their spells for healing....