Why Wear a Ring on the Index Finger?

Why Wear a Ring on the Index Finger?
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Ever since ancient antiquity people have worn jewelry. Jewelry had an aesthetic goal to make the wearer more attractive, as well as purely mystical intent. Jewelry was to activate certain energies, to protect a person from evil or curses and so on.

Rings had a particularly great symbolic significance, so before you put on massive golden rings you should familiarize yourself with the meaning of rings and where they should be worn.

In general it is believed that rings worn on the right hand activate a person's male energy, and those on the right - the female's.

The index finger is one of the fingers people rarely put a ring on. But shy and indecisive people are advised to wear a ring on their index finger because according to astrology and palmistry the index finger personifies the power of Jupiter, thereby granting power to the wearer of the ring.

In secular circles, the index finger is linked primarily with authority and ambition. This finger symbolizes our inner need to raise our ego and establish authority and power. It is especially closely linked to leadership and ambition.

It's no wonder then that monarchs, priests, senior clergy, kings and healers all wear rings on their index finger. In this way they stimulate their ambition and power of will but also demonstrate the power they possess.


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