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The Ghost of the Deceased Mother Which Appeared in an Orphanage


We're used to believing that ghosts appear as ethereal human figures but this is not always the case. Sometimes they can remind us of them through a cool breeze or moving ball of light. Proof of this is a story from back in 1878, told by a priest named Charles. At that time he had been working in an orphanage, caring for kids that were left without their parents.

The odd event that the man told of happened in the small hours of the morning. While he was sleeping in one of the rooms of the orphanage, he woke without any real reason.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he immediately noticed a light coming from the rooms where the kids slept. Everything seemed to be quiet and calm but try to imagine the look on the man's face when he witnessed a beautiful blue glow, reminiscent of a cloud, above one of the beds.

Initially, Charles assumed he was dreaming but after several more minutes he became fully convinced that it was real. He began to draw closer and felt as if he were receiving a message in his mind. The inexplicable power told him not to worry, that the light wouldn't cause harm to anyone, writes

At that point he returned to his bed and went back to sleep. The next day, he woke up and began preparing breakfast for the kids. While he was dressing the kid over whose bed he had seen the light, he once again felt a strange sensation. He was beset by even further amazement when the child told him he had been visited by his mother that night.

The priest changed the subject and never again discussed the event with the child. However, the mysterious experience stuck with him and he eventually decided to share it in a newspaper article.