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Conscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until today

Conscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until today

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt.

Dreams are interesting for people from the time of immemorial. Dreaming the truth is also not a recent discovery. It can be assumed that it always existed. The oldest written evidence of special dreams are about from 3, 000 years before Christ, of Babylon time specified in the Epic of Gilgamesh or according to other sources from 26-27 centuries BC. In the first tablet, preserved in this work, it says that the great king Gilgamesh had two dreams, which he asked to be interpreted by his mother.

Another mythical Sumerian ruler is Gudeya who lived around 2, 300 BC. When the Sumerians were attacked and the entire country was in ruin and famine, Gudeya attended one of the temples and a priestly ritual was performed by an application to the goddess of wisdom, Nisaba to help him.

Gudeya had a very vivid dream in which the Goddess says that if you build a temple in her name, she will protect him. And gives a prophecy that the church is ready to swelter strong desert winds and a bright star will shine right at the entrance to the temple. The Goddess gives very precise instructions about how the temple would be built and how to move, what halls, etc.

Gudeya precepts and begins immediately. After the construction. a star illuminates the temple entrance and bares the strong desert wind. Gudeya lived long and flourished his country, he glorified as a great priest, leader and saint.

Most Egyptian deities churches have came from a dream. The ancient Egyptians and later Greeks, built thousands of temples specifically for the incubation of dreams. Seekers have visited the temples, and usually perform a ritual for purification and preparation and have remained for at least one night to get a dream for to treatment, guidance for important steps in life and others.

The ancient Egyptian word for dreaming is associated with the etymological word meaning "being awake''. It is interesting to note that the ancient Egyptians dream is recorded with a symbol representing an open eye. They are aware that dreams can touch the knowledge that they owned prior to entering into this life. Advanced dreams are consciously practiced through telepathy, time travel, exploration of reality beyond death, clairvoyance, remote sensing and mental communication with other temples and administrative centers.

Conscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until today

By Pharaoh at the age of thirty years, was required to prove their right of government by engaging a journey beyond death. Driven by Anubis, a black dog and a guard of Sirius, the Pharaoh had to descend into the underworld, to "touch all four sides of the earth", to become Osiris and come back with new clothes, a robe and spiritual body of transformation. The Egyptians knew that by dreaming demand he could reach the stars, especially Sirius. This is the star, considered by Egyptian dedication sources of cosmic consciousness, the end point of advanced souls after death and place of highly advanced beings who are particularly interested in the world.