The Deadliest Wars in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Wars in Human History
15 June
Listed below are the deadliest wars in human history. Dungan Revolt (8 million - 20.8 million people killed) Six out of the ten deadliest wars in history have been waged in China....
The Deadliest Diseases in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Diseases in Human History
06 June
Throughout the entirety of human history, this lethal disease has killed a chilling number. In the 20th century alone, prior to the mass vaccinations, its victims amounted to 500 million....
Aztec human sacrificeAztec human sacrifice
22 Jan.
Human sacrifice perpetrated by Aztec zivilization is staggering, not only for Spaniards who first enter Mexico but for modern society. The reasons for this ancient ritual is analyzed to the present day....
Unexplainable Human ActionsUnexplainable Human Actions
19 July
Some theories state that sleep is a state in which the brain learns and remembers long-term information. Blushing A great many people blush when they receive a compliment or meet a new person....
Human sacrifices in PeruHuman sacrifices in Peru
14 May
The most controversial of modern rites of ancient South American societies, is human sacrifice. Information about the victims, however, is deficient....
The human brain shrinksThe human brain shrinks
23 Feb.
The human brain is going to extinction. The startling discovery was made after the scientists measured the size of the human skulls from different periods of human existence....
Alien Mummies from Peru Could Turn Human History on its HeadAlien Mummies from Peru Could Turn Human History on its Head
20 Mar.
So far, tomographic scans have shown that in essence they belonged to humans. But prof....
Mysteries of the human brainMysteries of the human brain
17 June
Even the most perfect car can not function without a motor, so obviously our notions of the human brain do not correspond to the truth....
Mirrors remember the human auraMirrors remember the human aura
01 Oct.
Everyone has an aura that is caused by our own biofield. \"The transmission of our eyes, reflected from the mirror surface, can create serious health problems\", explains a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota...
Human sacrifice discovered in PeruHuman sacrifice discovered in Peru
20 May
A temple with a tomb has been discovered in which for thousands of years has remains of human sacrifices in it. It was uncovered by archaeologists in Peru....
The Most Stunning Human PhenomenaThe Most Stunning Human Phenomena
20 June
The man with infallible memory Among the most impressive human phenomena is also Kim Peek, who according to doctors had the rare savant syndrome....
The Phenomenal Truths about Human CharacterThe Phenomenal Truths about Human Character
12 June
Certain character features can make you sick Statistical meta-analyses prove that there exists a link between human temperament and certain diseases....
Grandmas are Responsible for Human EvolutionGrandmas are Responsible for Human Evolution
15 Sept.
For their study the researchers conducted 60 computer simulations of human evolution - 30 simulations with humans developing with help from grandma and 30 without them....
The Most Curious Facts about Human EvolutionThe Most Curious Facts about Human Evolution
20 Aug.
The human face is designed to withstand blows Until recently, scientists estimated that the human face formed between about 4-5 million years ago so that our ancestors could chew food more easily....
5 Curious Facts about the Human Body5 Curious Facts about the Human Body
13 Aug.
There is gold in the human body. In every human body, there are roughly 0.2 mg of pure gold....