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Mirrors remember the human aura

Mirrors remember the human aura

Everyone has an aura that is caused by our own biofield. "The transmission of our eyes, reflected from the mirror surface, can create serious health problems", explains a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota.

His colleagues believe that negative energy stored in our body, accumulates in the seemingly ordinary glass and subsequently broadcasts it to the man standing before it. This destroys the psyche, so experts believe.

Mirrors remember the human aura

Boris Veynik is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He argues that the cracks in the mirror attracts dark forces and accelerates the aging of the body.

In late October, his team will begin experiments to verify the hypothesis that the mirror surface is a gateway to the world of subtle energies. A law describing the subtle energies, has nothing to do with those who know.

An old legend says that the household must have a mirror pelmet. Otherwise it is possible that the deceased will "pull" in a living person and take a "pitch" to that world.

Is this fact or fiction, science is now silent on the matter.