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Robots are Replacing Humans in Non-Creative Professions

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In the very near future, robots will start taking the bread and butter of anyone who practices a profession that doesn't require creativity.

Japanese analysts predict that more than half of the jobs in the country in the next 20 years will be taken over by robots. They reached this conclusion after analyzing over 600 types of jobs.

It turns out that the likelihood of a robot taking your job is inversely proportional to the creativity required to carry out your tasks. 49% of the analyzed jobs in Japan do not require any kind of creative talent and can easily be performed by robots. Among these are services related to deliveries, offices for records and in general the majority of service jobs.

The study also makes it clear that there are some professions that won't be taken by robots, at least not in the near future. Examples include any jobs that require any measure of creativity, such as journalists, teachers and writers.

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The same analysis was done in the US and UK. There, robotization will affect up to 47% and 35% of jobs, respectively. Of course, these data are hypothetical and do not take into account the social factor.

Most people have a skeptical outlook on robotization however. Even so, if the data turns out to be accurate, this will only worsen the problem of unemployment worldwide, say experts categorically.