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Humans Play No Part in Global Warming


There has been global warming going on for the past 10 000 years. This fact is at odds with the claim that it is caused by human activities, writes the Daily Mail newspaper, quoting American scientists.

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted several computer simulations with climate-affecting factors. This made it clear that there has been global warming for 10 000 years and that no physical force is capable of influencing it.

Numerous studies have been done on this issue but the American scientists believe that the past studies had used contradictory data.

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Some of these show that our planet has been in the process of warming for a long time, while others - exactly the opposite. According to the experts, the discrepancy in the data might have something to do with the research model.

Based on the researchers' data, the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose by 20 ppm prior to the 20th century and the vast ice sheets from the Last Glacial Maximum have been shrinking. The scientists believe that these physical changes lead to a rise in average annual temperatures and not their fall.

The experts carried out simulations on the climate-influencing power of sunlight, global greenhouse gases, the water from melted snow and ice. And that is how they discovered that there's been warming going on for 10 000 years now.


This data is in discord with the information from a study done last year. That particular study, conducted with bio and geothermometers, showed that a period of global cooling began 7000 years ago, which ceased once the Earth's population began to terrorize nature.

The heads of that study analyzed the data gathered by other scientists, who had gathered ice samples from 73 locations on Earth. The data in question vary in places, especially in the northern hemisphere.

According to the scientists, decoding the received data is no easy task and it is therefore not completely certain whether it will provide an accurate reflection of the overall situation.

Still, they want to clarify that their conclusion does not intend to vindicate the influence of people on the environment and climate but simply give a realistic view of things.