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Dreams of Relatives and FriendsDreams of Relatives and Friends
03 Aug.
If you're starting a new project or have been appointed to a new job and you dream of a friend of yours, the project will be successful. But if you dream of a beggar, don't expect anything good to happen....
Dreams of FoodDreams of Food
23 Sept.
If you see melted butter or margarine in a dream, this is a warning that it will be difficult for you to transform your dreams into reality because you are simply lacking the perseverance for it....
Dreams of BirdsDreams of Birds
30 July
Birds in dreams symbolize hidden desires and hopes. Birds in dreams are intermediaries between the conscious and subconscious of a person....
Fountain of dreamsFountain of dreams
19 Dec.
In the dream we go there and we can communicate through our dreams with the rest of the universe. Our energies and our inspiration comes from this particular source....
Dreams of Being PregnantDreams of Being Pregnant
18 Sept.
If a man dreams that his wife is pregnant, this is a sign that she will soon cheat on him. If you dream that a friend of yours is pregnant, this foreshadows great fortune....
Dreams of Natural PhenomenaDreams of Natural Phenomena
12 Aug.
If you dream of wind, try to remember if it was wayside....
What do Blind People Dream of?What do Blind People Dream of?
02 June
Among the greatest mysteries related to dreams is the question of what blind people dream of. How does the brain of an individual who can't see build up their environment?...
Mice - a Scientist's Best FriendMice - a Scientist's Best Friend
18 Aug.
The first experiments with animals for research purposes date all the way back to 500 BC. In the 19th century, there were experiments done on dogs, and a little later, some done on fruit flies, roundworms and others. Today...
Dreams of Mirrors and PicturesDreams of Mirrors and Pictures
23 Oct.
If you see a book in your dream this is a sign that you may find out something new about a topic you're interested in. Try to remember what you've read on the book's cover in your dream....
Meaning of Dreams with BabiesMeaning of Dreams with Babies
29 June
Seeing a baby in a dream essentially speaks of innocence and a new beginning. But to be interpreted correctly, the situation in which you dream of the baby is also of significance....
Dreams of Violence Against RelativesDreams of Violence Against Relatives
01 June
If a friend or someone you know is beating up a person that is your relative, this dream predicts that your relations with people close to you will soon worsen and it will be very difficult and even impossible for you to...
Meaning of Butterflies in DreamsMeaning of Butterflies in Dreams
29 Oct.
A fluttering butterfly in a dream means wonderful news from close friends who have left the country long ago. It is also a symbol of a happy love to come, which may even lead to marriage....
Dreams of Angels and VampiresDreams of Angels and Vampires
21 June
A minotaur in a dream means that soon you'll have a serious confrontation with a man in your family. If you dream of a werewolf, a friend will betray you....
Dreams of Cliffs and FloodsDreams of Cliffs and Floods
19 June
If you witness a flood in a dream, this signifies that your life will take a turn for the better and you will see a certain progress. Plenty of successes await you....
Dreams of Fish and CrabsDreams of Fish and Crabs
16 May
If you see an empty aquarium in your dream, this signifies that there is a serious meeting with friends to come, where you will meet a person important to you....
The Mysterious World of DreamsThe Mysterious World of Dreams
31 May
On the other hand, dreams are necessary for mental and psychological balance of mankind....
Interpretation of Dreams in ChristianityInterpretation of Dreams in Christianity
26 July
So now lets discuss the second type of dream - Warning dreams: this is a dream that warns the dreamers, as christianity interprets it....
What do Men and Women Dream of?What do Men and Women Dream of?
17 Sept.
The head of the department for sleep disorders in the psychiatric hospital in Germany, Hans Gunther Vis, explains that unfamiliar persons appeared more often in men's dreams, while generally more friends and relatives...
Everyone dreams, but most of your dreams are forgottenEveryone dreams, but most of your dreams are forgotten
31 Mar.
Everyone dreams but men and women have different dreams and different physical reactions. Men dream more often of women, while women dream both of men and women....
Our Brain Likes FriendsOur Brain Likes Friends
10 Apr.
Researchers have discovered that the human brain reacts much quicker to information related to our loved ones and friends than messages related to people we don't know....
What Does a Dream of Being in a Taxi Mean?What Does a Dream of Being in a Taxi Mean?
10 Oct.
For the correct interpretation of a dream, you need to be familiar with the symbolism you see in the world of dreams. Those who dream that they're riding in a taxi can expect their business to pick up very soon....
What Does it Mean to Dream of Hair?What Does it Mean to Dream of Hair?
26 Oct.
In dreams human hair exists as the main motif. How to interpret dreams with hair? Different dream interpretations give their own suggestions for this dream....
If you Dream of These Animals, Expect Riches!If you Dream of These Animals, Expect Riches!
28 Nov.
If you dream that you're caring for a dog, you're going to have the opportunity to help a friend. A purring cat in a dream, according to some, portends that you're soon going to meet your desired partner....
What Dreams of Cheating Actually MeanWhat Dreams of Cheating Actually Mean
04 Sept.
Studies indicate that 8% of dreams are erotic in nature, while about 60% of the people who dream of adventures under the bed sheets admit to have cheated on their partner in a dream....
See Which Dreams Foretell of DeathSee Which Dreams Foretell of Death
03 Nov.
In the East however, dreams were seen as a divine force and a cult for the god of dreams was formed....