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What Does it Mean to Dream of Hair?

What Does it Mean to Dream of Hair?

In dreams human hair exists as the main motif. How to interpret dreams with hair?

Different dream interpretations give their own suggestions for this dream. Here are some of them:

According to Miller's dream book

- if in a dream a woman combs her beautiful hair, this suggests frivolous behavior, for which she will later repent;

- if a man sees his thinning hair in a dream, in real life unjustified generosity will lead him to failure and poverty;

- gray hair is a sad sign. Seeing yourself with such hair, however, promises forgiveness and mercy. A woman with gray hair is a sign that she will begin to indulge her whims to the detriment of morality;

- if you see yourself with black curly hair in a dream, this is a sign of seduction in your love life. Golden hair is a sign of dignity and courage in the chosen man and if a man sees his beloved redhead, this foretells a change in their relationship. Brown hair color speaks of failures for their owner. However, if you see yourself with a beautiful hairstyle, you will have success and very short hair warns, that extravagance may bring you misfortune. It is a very confusing a dream, in which a lady sees herself with blond and dark hair at the same time and it foretells doubts about an upcoming choice that requires special attention. Dreams of hair loss are inauspicious.

Dreaming of hair

- if you stroke someone's hair in a dream, this is a sign of a good turn in your affairs of the heart, but the decoration of flowers in the hair foretells adversities, which you will deal with well.

Dreams about hair according to Tsvetkov's dream book

- long hair foretells a long journey;

- braiding your hair means that care awaits you;

- cutting your hair speaks of betrayal and if someone forcibly cuts off part of your hair, it means that you will lose a loved one;

- if your hair suddenly turns gray in a dream, then you are in for an illness;

- the new hairstyle tells you that you will have a new relationship, a change to something better;

- if your hair grows in the wrong place - you will receive money from an unknown source or help from a stranger.

What do psychologists say about this type of dream?

Hair symbolizes energy, vitality, the need for change. The state of human health can be judged by the condition of the hair. A dream with hair loss subconsciously suggests problems in the body. Disturbing dreams about hair speak of a lack of energy, a need for change.