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After Decades of Attempts: Astronomers Photograph Black Hole for First TimeAfter Decades of Attempts: Astronomers Photograph Black Hole for First Time
16 Apr.
The photographed black hole has a mass 6.5 billion times greater than that of the Sun, report the scientists who made the discovery....
Enormous Black Hole Gapes Wide Open in SpaceEnormous Black Hole Gapes Wide Open in Space
26 Feb.
A cosmic surprise - this is what astronomers are describing what the Hubble Space Telescope has spotted in the heart of the galaxy NGC 4889. This is the largest black hole scientists have ever seen....
Astrophysicists Discover 3 Massive Black HolesAstrophysicists Discover 3 Massive Black Holes
01 July
The gravitational fields, created by the black holes, bend the space-time continuum and can lead to the occurrence of gravitational waves that are intensive enough for astronomers to be able to pick up....
NASA Detects Strange Light Shooting Out from Black HoleNASA Detects Strange Light Shooting Out from Black Hole
10 Nov.
The NuSTAR telescope has photographed the corona of the black hole. The observed energy ray is completely inexplicable to scientists and we are still waiting for theories as to its formation....
Reducing the ozone holeReducing the ozone hole
22 Dec.
The World Meteorological Organization has cause for joy as the ozone hole over Antarctica decreases....
Black MagicBlack Magic
10 Oct.
Forms of sorcery determine the extent of people's beliefs and is often called black magic. One reason to associate the black color lies in the current magic in Egypt called "KEM", which means black....
Inexplicable Photographs from the PastInexplicable Photographs from the Past
06 Nov.
Nowadays, time and time again we come across photographs containing extraterrestrials, ghosts, witches and all kinds of other bizarre creatures....
Black Girl, White RoseBlack Girl, White Rose
12 Sept.
Darcy is a 23 year-old from a black family from Trinidad, and in her childhood she was like any other child, happy. However, at five years of age, strange white spots appeared on Darcy's feet....
UFO Photographed in BirminghamUFO Photographed in Birmingham
21 May
local musician snapped photos of suspicious object in the sky and stirred a fervor in social media. 44-year-old musician Mike Bedward was struck by the gracefulness of a rainbow that had appeared and decided to snap photographs...
UFO sightings, evidence, abductions and photographsUFO sightings, evidence, abductions and photographs
27 Feb.
California – Photographs taken Man standing outside his home at 2:16pm decided to take photos of the sky above when looking back at these photographs he observed objects in the clouds....
NASA Photographs 8000-Year-Old SwastikaNASA Photographs 8000-Year-Old Swastika
26 Nov.
Pictures taken from space by a NASA satellite reveal more than 260 mysterious forms, including a swastika and cross, scattered about the barren Kazakh Steppe. It is believed that these mysterious signs are at least...
Facts about black eyed peopleFacts about black eyed people
17 Mar.
Black-eyed people often feel as if they are visible on x-ray. This makes them often fall in the ranks of psychics, astrologers and sorcerers....
Astronomers Take a Peak 8.5 Billion Years Back in TimeAstronomers Take a Peak 8.5 Billion Years Back in Time
05 Aug.
This has allowed astronomers to register the most massive galactic cluster known so far. The light from MOO J1142 + 1527 takes an exceptionally long time to reach Earth....
Mysterious Humanoid Photographed in AntarcticaMysterious Humanoid Photographed in Antarctica
26 Nov.
Japanese researchers on the continent of Antarctica have released photos of a mysterious being, which is thought to be a humanoid living on the ice continent. The being in the photo is white, with a height of around 98.5...
Hooray! The Ozone Hole Over the Antarctic is ShrinkingHooray! The Ozone Hole Over the Antarctic is Shrinking
05 July
The full restoration of the ozone hole over Antarctica is expected to happen between the year 2050 and 2060....

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