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Russian Scientist Photographs the Soul Leaving the Body

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov managed to photograph a human soul with a bioelectrographic camera upon the moment of it leaving the body.

The image was taken and visualized using the advanced photo technology of Semyon Kirlian. The soul, colored in blue, is clearly seen as it gradually leaves the human body.

According to Korotkov, the human soul is located in the chest and head, since these are the parts of the human body that first lose their vital life force.

Vital Energy

In certain cases, the scientist noted that it is possible for the human soul to return back to its body. This was due to the apparent turmoil minutes after an unexpected or violent death. The soul can return because the body contains enormous amounts of unused energy.

Konstantin Korotkov is the director of the Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg. The photographic technique, developed by the scientist, was approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia. This technique can be used to monitor patients with oncologic diseases.

Body and Soul

300 doctors worldwide have signed up for this cause. The innovative technology of Korotkov allows for the observation of the energetic visualizations of all types of biophysical imbalances.

The technology can even show whether a person truly has paranormal capabilities or is a fraud. This method measures stimulated radiation and its accuracy is guaranteed by the increasing electromagnetic field.

Korotkov's experiments confirm that the electro-photonic light surrounding the fingertips of human beings contains a coherent and complete diagnosis of a given person - both physical and mental.

The scientist highlights that people's auras can suffer from the negative effects of certain foods, water and cosmetics. He also confirms the negative impact of cell phones.

Korotkov is among the pioneers, who teach that energy should be more widely utilized in our reality.