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UFO Photographed in Birmingham


A genuine phenomenon jazzed up the city of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. By complete accident, a local musician snapped photos of suspicious object in the sky and stirred a fervor in social media.

44-year-old musician Mike Bedward was struck by the gracefulness of a rainbow that had appeared and decided to snap photographs with his camera. He took several pictures but after looking at them carefully he was more than shocked.

The man found unusual glowing dots present in the images. This immediately led him to think that he had inadvertently snapped photos of ships of extraterrestrial beings.

In the meantime, new photos of extraterrestrials have appeared on the Internet. According to claims, these are never-before-seen images of the famous aliens from Roswell. For months on end, experts claim that they have been working diligently on declassifying phenomenal photos of aliens.

Extraterrestrial researchers state that the new photos show evidence of an extraterrestrial being that died during the UFO crash in 1947 in the town.

The team investigating those photos claims that the being in the images is not a person with an impaired body, nor a mummy or doll. The researchers say that we're talking about a creature not born on our planet.

Birmingham UFO

According to experts there is no way for the Roswell photos to have been faked because in those days the popular perception of the outer appearance of extraterrestrials had not yet been widespread.

"There's no way for these images to be fake! Without a doubt they are real, " assures popular ufologist Jaime Maussan.

What happened in 1947 was kept secret for a long time. The official explanation back in those years was that a weather balloon was involved. Decades later, however, the truth sounds much different.

Despite the positions of numerous researchers and amateur ufologists, science still does not have an official acceptable standpoint on the issue, which in turn leads to even more heated debate.

Certain forum posters claim that these latest photos were released as a publicity stunt for an upcoming documentary film in which researchers delve into the extraterrestrial question. But whether this is true, we have yet to find out.