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Mysterious Base Photographed on the Moon

Antonia R.Antonia R.
The moon

For years, there has been information spreading that there are alien bases on the Moon, but these claims had not been proven until a few days ago, when a photograph appeared, showing a mysterious base.

For many, this base signifies the existence of aliens, which roam around the natural satellite of the Earth, while for others, the photo is not any kind of proof of extraterrestrial presence.

The interesting thing here is, after the document saw the light of day, it was quickly deleted from NASA's database. So far, no country has given an official statement and has not answered the question of what this mysterious base is doing on the Moon.

Professor Scott Waring, who has been studying the Apollo space missions for years, revealed that he has gotten a hold of tens of photographs, which showed structures, built by intelligent beings.

His colleague, Dr. Franklin Roach, announced that a few years ago he made a full analysis of the photos and video material, given to him by astronauts, and discovered that they often witnessed UFOs.


According to many researchers, the surface of the Moon is technogenic, which means that machines with an unknown origin and purpose could be trekking on it.

On the bottom of the Copernicus crater, a strange structure in the form of a triangle can be seen, placed on the lunar surface. On the side of the triangle, there are various signs noticeable, that look like numbers and geometric shapes.

Yatsuo Mitsusima has been systematically observing the Moon for more than 10 years with an 800 times magnifying telescope and claims that he has frequently photographed dark objects in different parts of the lunar surface.

A British man using the pseudonym J. Leonard also has 35 photos of unusual structures on the surface of the Moon.

These photographs are supported by the opinion of experts, who concluded that the natural satellite of Earth is inhabited by intelligent life forms.

Apollo 14 astronauts announced some time ago, that they had taken a fascinating picture, which showed a mechanical structure on the Moon.