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Photographer Captures Mysterious Signs in the Sky

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Arrow in the sky

The amateur photographer Jeff Templin managed to photograph mysterious signs written in the sky, during a random photo session. The strange sky shapes puzzle anyone who gazes upon them.

The photographer managed to snap photos with his camera of never before seen trails, left by an unknown craft.

Templin explained that he saw the trails by chance, at first thinking that they were left by an airplane, but after a closer look it became evident that this was not so.

When the photographer distributed the pictures, the mysterious shapes sparked the interest of anyone who looked upon them.

Jeff Templin stated that the sky was exceptionally clear on the day he shot the photos.

The mysterious signs look like arrows, and one of them is in the shape of the letter "S", written in an exceptionally picturesque way.

It is not possible for the mysterious signs to have been made by airplanes or military helicopters, since those aircraft cannot change their speed and direction so rapidly during flight.


The flying object which left the mysterious shapes in the sky was able to make 180 degree turns.

Jeff has sent his photographs to experts, to discover the origin of the mysterious shapes written in the sky. He himself thinks that they were left by an alien ship.

However, there is still no categorical position on this issue.

At the beginning of this year, Americans witnessed a phenomenon, which also shocked many people with its appearance.

Somehow, mysteriously, Lake Michigan became filled with large ice balls.

Some scientists believe that the ice balls appeared after bits of ice broke off from the ice sheets, which cover the waters of Lake Michigan in places. Then, as a result of the waves caused by the winds, they formed into spheres.

There were even claims that the natural phenomenon was a prognosis for the end of the world.

Witnesses to the mystery claimed that each ice ball weighed an average of 165.5 lb (75 kg).