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Mysterious Mars Rock Puzzles ScientistsMysterious Mars Rock Puzzles Scientists
22 Jan.
Antonia R.
The content of manganese was also two times greater than in any other Martian rock known to scientists....
Ancient Mysteries That Continue to Puzzle the WorldAncient Mysteries That Continue to Puzzle the WorldThe ancient continent of Lemuria No list of ancient mysteries would be complete without a lost continent....
And the ancient scientists have had prophetic dreamsAnd the ancient scientists have had prophetic dreams
15 May
There are sources that indicate that many ancient scientists and philosophers have recognized a number of prophetic dreams. Here are some examples of them....
Cicada 3301 - The Internet`s Biggest PuzzleCicada 3301 - The Internet`s Biggest Puzzle
19 June
Antonia R.
Using the name he came upon a web address, which in turn led him to another web address and a new puzzle. Ultimately, the problem proved to be more complex than he had expected and he gave up....
Mysterious Ancient CitiesMysterious Ancient Cities
14 Nov.
Antonia R.
Palenque in Mexico One of the most well-preserved ancient cities and symbol of the Mayan civilization is Palenque in Mexico....
Ancient Egyptian MythsAncient Egyptian Myths
07 Jan.
Ancient Egyptian civilization is very old and has undergone many changes over the past years. Its myths have different versions, different characters and locations, but the meaning of a story remains unchanged....
Ancient Egyptian PyramidsAncient Egyptian Pyramids
25 Feb.
Ancient Egyptian Pyramids The Pyramid of Abu Sir hold equally remarkable pieces of architecture. Out of fourteen only four remain. They are now open to the tourists not like in past times....
Ancient Egyptian InventionsAncient Egyptian Inventions
16 Sept.
While archaeologists and historians dig deeper into the understanding of Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Egypt astounds the world with their ingenuity....
Delmar's Circle Predicts Future EventsDelmar's Circle Predicts Future Events
07 Dec.
Antonia R.
Legends speak of the circle created by French astrologer Michelle Delmar, said to be able to predict the future....
Scientists Record a StarquakeScientists Record a StarquakeA unique cosmic phenomenon was registered by American scientists. NASA announced that they have recorded a magnetar starquake....
Prehistoric Bloodsucker Shocked ScientistsPrehistoric Bloodsucker Shocked ScientistsScientist suggest that insects appeared in the early Devonian (410 million years ago). Paleontologists, however, are not unanimous about who their ancestors were....
The Weirdest Ancient ArtifactsThe Weirdest Ancient Artifacts
07 Oct.
Bathroom The oldest bathroom is located in the ancient Turkish city of Ephesus. According to scientists, the toilets are 2000 years old....
Legacy of Ancient BabylonLegacy of Ancient Babylon
07 Jan.
One of the most important ancient Cities, Babylon and the culture of its inhabitants are still part of everyday life....
The ancient Antikythera mechanismThe ancient Antikythera mechanism
08 July
Can we really be sure that the device is really ancient? If so, what was its purpose? What can it say about the ancient world and the evolution of modern science?...
The Atacama Alien Stuns ScientistsThe Atacama Alien Stuns ScientistsScientists noticed right off the bat that it had hard teeth, an elongated skull, a dark colored body and 9 pairs of ribs. In addition, they also found the remains of well-developed lungs and a heart....
Egyptologist Solves an Ancient MysteryEgyptologist Solves an Ancient MysteryThe scientist has a rather different explanation for what transpired. According to him, the army didn't vanish but was defeated....
Ancient Egyptians and kissing deathAncient Egyptians and kissing death
31 May
Scientists have not yet discovered the mysterious reasons for this strange burial. They believe that the truth on this issue will shed light on homosexual relationships in the palace of the ancient Pharaohs....
UFO over the ancient worldUFO over the ancient world
19 May
Modern UFO specialists have made the trouble to examine 50 works of ancient authors....
The Ancient Dead Sea ScrollsThe Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
27 Feb.
The find of a cave containing jars filled with manuscripts caused sensation throughout the world. It was spring 1947 when a group of Bedouin goat herders were searching the coast of the Dead Sea searching for a goat. Even...
Ancient pyramid inaugurated in EgyptAncient pyramid inaugurated in Egypt
29 Nov.
Specialists have designated the locations of entrances and suggest the edifice belongs to the parent of Firaun Teti, who founded the sixth dynasty ancient kingdom....
Ancient egyptians suffered from TuberculosisAncient egyptians suffered from Tuberculosis
03 Nov.
It was proved as a mummy of a woman in high society Ancient Egypt was discovered to had been a victim. The new autopsy of the mummy found in the early 19 th century showed the presence of the disease....
The Strangest Ancient Burial CeremoniesThe Strangest Ancient Burial CeremoniesA great part of modern burial rituals have existed since ancient times, even if they've slightly changed. Below you'll find a list of the strangest burial ceremonies, some of which survive today. 1....
Scientists: the Universe has No DirectionScientists: the Universe has No Direction"We remodeled the existing limitations for data analysis of CMB polarization in addition to the temperature, allowing us to find the narrowest limits with current CMB data, " scientists add....
Scientists Described the World in 2025Scientists Described the World in 2025
05 July
Antonia R.
In a new scientific report, it is stated that in just 11 years, quantum teleportation will be completely possible, and our homes and newspapers will be entirely digital. The scientific report was published in the British...
Scientists Discover Oceans Beneath the EarthScientists Discover Oceans Beneath the Earth
22 June
Antonia R.
A team of scientists from the University of New Mexico has discovered oceans underneath the Earth's surface, found 373 miles (600 km) beneath the Earth's mantle....