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UFO over the ancient world

UFO over the ancient world

The question is, is there a UFO or not? But one thing is certain; flying saucers can hardly be classed as a fantasy of modern a space era, for one very simple reason: extraterrestrial sources have reached our days from the ancient world.

One of the oldest sources, who described the appearance of an unidentified flying lightened object, is an Egyptian papyrus from the fifteenth century BC.

"Saw something moving in the sky, a fiery circle. They said to the king. Later, these objects in the sky became numerous and radiated a bright light from the Sun. In the evening the fire circles rose higher and flew in a certain direction. The Pharaoh sent a message to the gods and ordered the case to be recorded in the annals, " so it was read from the papyrus.

Information on flying in the sky shaped objects is found in a chronicle of Alexander the Great. In the siege of the Phoenician city of the Macedonians five unexpectantly "flying shields" flew over them. The front shield was twice larger than the others. They were amazed at the sight of the warrior’s shields that made several rounds over them, then with great speed rose and disappeared into space.

The description of a UFO, even in the writings of the ancient historian Plutarch, writes that in 102 BC, over the Italian cities of Amery and Tardy appeared huge "metal spears and flaming shields" firstly moving separately from each other, then united.

Plutarch describes another case of 73 BC. Near the Dardanelles armies of Emperor and King Lukulus and Matridat were invited to join the battle. Suddenly in the sky appears a great body of fire, resembling a barrel. It moves between the two armies. Afraid of the sign, the enemy without fighting is divided.

Modern UFO specialists have made the trouble to examine 50 works of ancient authors. They describe the emergence of "fire in the sky" 39 times, "flying shields" 11 times, "fireball" 8 times, more sun. 5 times and unknown objects, 7 times.