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Scientists Described the World in 2025

Antonia R.Antonia R.

In a new scientific report, it is stated that in just 11 years, quantum teleportation will be completely possible, and our homes and newspapers will be entirely digital.

The scientific report was published in the British daily paper Daily Mail with the headline The World in 2025: 10 Predictions in Innovation. The authors of the document anticipate that technologies will reach their peak in the next decade.

Their predictions are based on analyses of scientific literature.

It is stated in the report that most people of future generations will reach their 80th birthday, because there are ever more funds being set aside for scientific research that studies diseases in adulthood.


Due to numerous medical studies, they will find a means by which type I diabetes will become completely curable.

The methods for harnessing and storing natural energy will also reach their peaks, with the Sun turning into the main source of energy for humanity.

Technologies will advance to the point where it will be possible to create food using genetic modification and thus the problems with the malnourished population and fluctuation in food prices will be solved completely.

In the next decade, new short-distance airplanes will fly through the sky, which will power the movement of electric transports by ground and air using a new technology.

The cars and homes of the future will be digitally connected to every corner of the world.


"Imagine the day when the entire continent of Africa is completely, digitally connected. That day will happen in 2025, " state the researchers.

Cellulose packaging will be biodegradable, while petroleum-based packaging products will no longer exist.

In the future, drugs will be developed even more precisely, with medications for cancer patients not causing any side effects.

In just 11 years, nanotechnologies will advance to the point where human DNA will be mapped at birth, so that certain diseases will be able to be identified while a person is still a baby.

The scientific report looks skeptically at the prognoses for the full teleportation of people in 2025 but according to it, quantum teleportation will indeed be possible.