The Weirdest Ancient Artifacts


Modern man is often confounded by the discoveries archaeologists find in ancient ruins, the remnants of long-gone civilizations.

Alongside ancient jars, ceramic remnants, coins and jewelry, sometimes they find unbelievably fascinating artifacts during excavation. Here are the weirdest, perhaps least expected, of them:


The oldest sunglasses ever were discovered on Baffin Island in Canada. Scientists theorize that they were worn by the Arctic Inuit, who eventually brought them to Canada. The sunglasses were made of walrus hide and bone and are at least 1200-1600 years old.


The oldest socks in the world are roughly that old as well. They were uncovered in Egypt and found to be made of pure wool. These socks were more like sandals with a strap by the big toe and have managed to survive nearly 15 centuries buried in the earth.



The most ancient statue crafted by humans that has ever been found comes from Germany - the Venus of Hohle Fels. It was crafted from ivory mammoth tusks and even though it is only 6 cm (2.4 in) tall, it continues to mystify with the level of detail even today. The statue depicts a female body with luscious curves, which according to experts symbolizes the goddess of fertility.


The oldest shoe found by archaeologists comes from a cave in Armenia and is 5500 years old. It was made quite skillfully from leather and bears a close resemblance to today's moccasins. It was packed with grass on the inside to be more comfortable for the owner, whose foot was about a size 7 US.


The earliest known pants in the world were made of animal hide and were discovered in China. They are estimated to have been made more than 3 millennia ago. The pants were on a mummy of a man who was believed to have been a shaman.

Wooden prosthesis

Evidence reveals that the foundation for modern prosthetics was laid in ancient Egypt. There archaeologists have found the oldest prosthesis, a 3000-year-old wooden thumb, which even by modern standards is quite functional.



A flute created from a bird bone is thought to be the oldest musical instrument in the world. It is about 42 000 years old and was brought to Europe by the Africans.


The oldest bathroom is located in the ancient Turkish city of Ephesus. According to scientists, the toilets are 2000 years old. The remarkable thing was that these were toilets with running water because they were built in an area where water flowed constantly and washed away the waste.

They were designated for public use, as part of the Scholastica Baths, which the ancient inhabitants of Ephesus paid taxes for.

Cooking recipe

Passing down cooking recipes from generation to generation gains a whole new meaning when you find a recipe 4000 years old. The earliest recipe was found in the lands of ancient Babylon, carved onto a tile.