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Ancient egyptians suffered from Tuberculosis

Ancient egyptians suffered from Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is deadly, it has been striking down people from more than 2600 years ago. It was proved as a mummy of a woman in high society Ancient Egypt was discovered to had been a victim.

The new autopsy of the mummy found in the early 19 th century showed the presence of the disease.

Ancient egyptians suffered from Tuberculosis

The mummy was discovered in the necropolis at Thebes in 1825 by Dr. Augustus Greynvil. The woman had several children and died at the age between 50 and 55 years.

Upon the discovery of the mummy Greynvil concludes that the Egyptian had died of cancer as one finds around her nub ovary. Thus ends the examination of the mummy.

With the new autopsy 20 years ago, however, scientists discovered that tumors in her body is not malignant and were no reason for her death

Ancient egyptians suffered from Tuberculosis

They made tests for malaria that appeared to be positive, detected and monitored by inflammation of the lungs.

The latest autopsy of the mummy is headed by Helen Donahue from the University College of London. Bones were examined, and the remnants of soft tissue.

Despite the difficulties scientists have discovered strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Causing TB in the lungs and hips. The conclusion is that this is the reason for the death of an Egyptian noble.