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Ancient pyramid inaugurated in Egypt

Ancient pyramid inaugurated in Egypt

The building is five meters in height and is aged at 4300 years!

South of Cairo in ancient Necropolis there opened a pyramid of fives meters in height which dated back to the XXIV century BC, so the Ministry of culture in Egypt cited by the AFP informs.

The foundations of the 4300 annual edifice are on depth of twenty meters under the surface wilderness. The pyramid was looted in antiquity. Commented Culture Minister Farouk Hosni during a news conference in Saqqara.

Specialists have designated the locations of entrances and suggest the edifice belongs to the parent of Firaun Teti, who founded the sixth dynasty ancient kingdom.

Ancient pyramid inaugurated in Egypt

Furthermore the foundation of a pyramid called 'pyramid number 29' near Sakar Necropolis was discovered and was famous for it alley of the sphinxes.