The Few Places on Earth More Mysterious Than the Bermuda TriangleThe Few Places on Earth More Mysterious Than the Bermuda Triangle
02 Jan.
Mystery of Angikuni Lake While most mysterious places on Earth involve the disappearance of 1-2 people, the story of Angikuni Lake in Canada speaks of the disappearance of an entire village. In 1930, a fur trapper...
Most Fascinating Facts about the EarthMost Fascinating Facts about the Earth
23 Apr.
perfectly round, our planet is not perfectly spherical. The diameter measured between Earth's poles is nearly 27 mi (43 km) smaller than that measured at the equator; - Since the Earth is not a perfect sphere, gravity is...
The Most Ancient Creature on the PlanetThe Most Ancient Creature on the Planet
27 Nov.
, whose structures they analyze to learn about the climatic changes of our planet over the past 100 years. The mussel was named Ming, in honor of the Chinese emperor dynasty, which was in power in 1499, when the mussel...
The Pyramid of the Niches - Place of Mysterious SmokeThe Pyramid of the Niches - Place of Mysterious Smoke
29 Nov.
most agree that it comes from the language of the Totonacs, in which "Ta" means "a lot" and "jín" means "smoke", i.e. the name El Tajín should be translated as the place of a lot of smoke. After conducted studies...
The Legend of the Most Beautiful Oasis on EarthThe Legend of the Most Beautiful Oasis on Earth
05 June
The most beautiful oasis on the planet is located in South America, reports the Daily Mail. Sprawling in one of the driest areas on Earth, the village Huacachina, found among the barren landscape of the Atacama...
Want to be Alone? The Loneliest Place on Earth Awaits youWant to be Alone? The Loneliest Place on Earth Awaits you
15 Sept.
Pacific Ocean. To reach the loneliest spot on the planet, you have your work set out for you. Sitting exactly 1670 mi (2689 km) from the nearest dry land, it's not among the most inviting places on the planet. The...
Scientists Find the Most Important Planet Outside our Solar SystemScientists Find the Most Important Planet Outside our Solar System
27 Nov.
Earth and at first glance seems to be made up primarily of rock and iron. This planet is closest in size to our own that's been found outside of our Solar System thus far. Astronomers describe the new world as...
The Mysterious Capital of the ZapotecsThe Mysterious Capital of the Zapotecs
27 June
Every time we hear about ancient civilizations in America, most of us immediately think of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. A little known fact is that these were neither the greatest, nor the oldest cultures to...
Mysteries of the unknownMysteries of the unknown
31 Jan.
island is that during the outbreak of plague in Venice, this place was for the sick. Later, on the island was built a charity hospital, but every patient who enters it goes crazy. It is believed that the plague sufferers...
The mysterious smell at nightThe mysterious smell at night
26 Feb.
Hello, I'm writing to you with the hope of getting some kind of answer! Someone close to me, with whom I talk to nearly every day, often shares with me that when she's sleeping at night, all of a sudden she gets a whiff...
The Mysterious World of DreamsThe Mysterious World of Dreams
31 May
and excite all. Mankind will not stop looking for hidden meanings of the strange and mysterious world of dreams....
The Mysterious Light Photographed Near the MoonThe Mysterious Light Photographed Near the Moon
13 Nov.
object. 62 miles (100 km) under the surface of our satellite, ferromagnetic fields, 621 miles (1000 km) in length have been discovered. According to experts, these can be nothing else but giant support structures...
Talismans of the Earth signsTalismans of the Earth signs
18 Dec.
Each representative of the sign, which is managed by the element of earth, should know how to choose a mascot - for each a different stone is suitable, depending on his date of birth. People born under a Zodiac sign...
The Mysteries of ShambhalaThe Mysteries of Shambhala
03 Nov.
Earth. It is a kind of gene pool. If humanity were to be wiped out for any reason, these beings are to start it up again. Today, they watch over us and do their best to put us on the right track. Shambhala is thought...
The Most Famous AsteroidsThe Most Famous Asteroids
19 Nov.
, we know the orbits of about 4000 asteroids. Their total number probably exceeds a few million. Here are the most famous asteroids after Ceres. 87 Sylvia. It has a diameter of 162 miles. It was discovered on May 16...

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