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Want to be Alone? The Loneliest Place on Earth Awaits you

Plamena M.Plamena M.

All of us have probably, at one point or another, wanted to be completely alone - at least for a little while. The desire to get away from day-to-day stress has urged us to find the loneliest place on Earth.

The loneliest place - although we're used to thinking of it metaphorically - does in fact exist. It is called Point Nemo, and is also known as the "oceanic pole of inaccessibility."

Point Nemo is a geographical point in the Pacific Ocean. To reach the loneliest spot on the planet, you have your work set out for you. Sitting exactly 1670 mi (2689 km) from the nearest dry land, it's not among the most inviting places on the planet. The closest islands to Point Nemo are Motu Nui, Ducie Island and Maher Island - depending on which direction you take.

Notably, Point Nemo itself is not an island that you can step out on and enjoy your solitude. It's simply a point located amidst the ocean. If you do reach it by ship though, you're going to find yourself in a paradox. Why? Because the nearest human being isn't going to be on Earth.

This is because the astronauts aboard the International Space Station would be just 248 mi (400 km) overhead above that point. They would in fact be the people closest to you at that moment.

Point Nemo

Point Nemo may not be the most suitable place for a person to find solitude but the archipelago Tristan da Cunha makes for a good alternative. Although it's one of the most secluded locations on the planet, it does have local inhabitants. Tristan da Cunha has a total population of 300, which can rightfully and pridefully call their island home the remotest on Earth.

The nearest populated area is some 1242 mi (2000 km) from it. If you're still feeling enthusiastic and want to visit this remote and obscure destination, you're going to need an airplane or a ship. The likelihood of running into someone there is low but do ask yourself this before you go - do you really need that much solitude all in one place?