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The Lowest Temperature on Earth Ever Recorded

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A few days ago, scientists measured a new world record for the lowest temperature on Earth. In the coldest place on our planet - the continent of Antarctica, the thermometer showed -130°F (-91.2 °C).

This temperature was measured in the region of the Japanese "Dome Fuji" research station, with the temperature falling below -130°F (-90 °C) for the first time.

The newest coldest spot on Earth was discovered by the American National Snow and Ice Data Center, or NSIDC, using their satellite.


The previous record for the lowest temperature was also recorded at the South Pole during 1983 at the Russian "Vostok" station, with the thermometer showing -130°F (-89.2 °C) at that time.

The "Dome Fuji" is the highest alpine research station out of all the stations in Antarctica. It is located 12418 ft (3786 m) above sea level, as opposed to "Vostok" station, located at 11440.5 ft (3488 m).

The full details of this new record will be revealed this week at the annual gathering of the American Geophysical Union.

Among the coldest places on Earth is also the Russian village of Oymyakon, where a temperature of -100°F (-71.2 °C) was recorded in 1933.

This was the lowest temperature ever recorded in a populated area and the lowest temperature ever recorded in the northern hemisphere.

The average temperatures during winter reach -50°F (-45 °C), and the only school in the village is closed only when the thermometer shows -60°F (-52 °C).


There are 500 people living in this Siberian village with most of them being deer herders.

Most of the houses in Oymyakon use wood or coal for heating, with only a scarce few villagers enjoying more modern heating equipment.

Nothing grows in the region, that's why the people there eat deer, horse meat and fish.

In the past, some of Stalin's death camps were positioned around the village, where the Soviet leader sent his exiled political rivals.