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Humans are the Descendants of the Annunaki who Inhabited the Mysterious Nibiru


At the end of the 19th century, during excavations on the territory of Mesopotamia, archaeologists found the ruins of extremely ancient cities, whose existence was mentioned in the Bible. There they came upon the remnants of Eridu, Babylon, Akkad, Lagash and others.

But one of the most valuable finds was a set of clay tablets containing ancient Sumerian writing - cuneiform. The tablets, which scientists date to about 6 millennia old, actually contained the history of the ancient Sumerian civilization.

Alongside these, they found and deciphered Sumerian records which described in detail the history of the Earth an entire 500 000 years ago.

One of the tablets mentions that about 6000 years ago, a highly advanced civilization suddenly appeared literally out of nowhere on the territory of Mesopotamia.

This civilization possessed advanced technology, a highly developed social structure with a monarchical form of rule, its own laws, religion and morals.

This civilization actually came from the mysterious planet Nibiru, which draws maximally close to Earth approximately every 3600 years.

But let's go back even further, to ancient Biblical times, when the Nephilim roamed the Earth.

The Bible itself mentions the Nephilim. According to Scripture, the Nephilim were the result of the sexual union between the sons of God (angels) and human women. The fallen angels copulated with women, then gave birth to Nephilim (giants).

But according to the ancient Sumerians, the Nephilim or Annunaki, as they called them, were actually the indigenous inhabitants of the planet Nibiru.


The Annunaki were tall humanoid beings that were incredibly long-lived - living on average about 350 000 Earthly years. Male Annunaki reached heights of up to 16.5 ft (5 m) and females - up to 13 ft (4 m).

The Annunaki first arrived on our planet about 445 000 years ago to mine gold. This was of prime importance to them as Nibiru's atmosphere was slowly thinning.

To stop this destructive process its inhabitants decided to spray fine particles of gold in the ozone layer of the red giant, to serve as a protective shield that would reflect light and heat back to Nibiru's surface.

And so they came to Earth and began mining gold, initially from the waters of the Persian Gulf, then in mines in the area of Southeast Africa. Every 3600 years, when Nibiru got maximally close to Earth, they sent the mined gold back to their home planet.

About 100 000 - 150 000 years later, the Annunaki decided to create a work force that would mine the gold instead of them. To do this they combined part of their DNA with the genes of indigenous monkeys, resulting in the birth of Homo Sapiens. You know the rest.